Ready Report

Buying a home can be overwhelming... especially if you feel unprepared or are afraid to admit that you don’t know as much about it as you would like before you get started. No more searching all over the internet looking for advice or asking friends and family and getting confusing advice. We believe there is a better way. We have everything you need to get started in one fun and convenient place!

Just for joining Nestiny, you will receive access to our free secret weapon - the Nestiny Ready Report™. This report will give you an enormous headstart so you have tons of expert tips and advice to save you valuable time and money. You can explore any topics you have been curious about and take notes as you go so you can discuss further with your real estate agent.

The best part about the Ready Report ™ is that as you tell us more about you and your home wish list Nestiny personalizes the Ready Report for you even more! You will see a personalized graphic which summarizes your selections on Nestiny “at a glance” as well as folders of up-to-date real estate advice that you can review at your pace.

The Ready Report ™ includes topics such as ‘Choosing My Agent,’ ‘10 Ways To Manage My Agent,’ Applying for My Loan,’ “Writing an Offer’, ‘Closing Costs’, ‘Closing Day Activities’ and much more!

You can even print out the Ready Report to take with you when you meet with your real estate agent for the first time and carry with you for quick reference as you begin your house hunting adventure. The Ready Report makes your first home buying steps the most meaningful and productive they can be!