Our Agents are the Best!

Nestiny works hard to find fantastic agents to save you time and confusion.

Finding the right real estate agent for you can be a bit tricky. You want to be sure you find an agent who understands your wants and needs on lots of different dimensions – personal and financial.

About 70% of homebuyers usually hire the first agent they meet. Sometimes you get lucky and it works out great. But if you’re not sure how to interview them – it can leave you in a huge dilemma.

Nestiny solves this problem for you while saving you time and money!

Our Agents are the best

So when you’re ready to find a fantastic real estate agent to help you with finding and buying your dream home, Nestiny can help.

Here’s how it works:

step by step homebuying guide

While most of the info is optional, we encourage you to put in as much information as you are comfortable sharing to build your Ready Report and receive accurate matches. Make sure to include the desired location of your home and your phone number.

find a real estate agent

If you're in an area where we don’t have agent matches featured yet, no worries. We can quickly find an agent to help you and your request will automatically come to our Concierge team that will find a fantastic agent hand-selected just for you that matches your needs.

connect with your real estate agent

If you want to meet them first before you select them officially, just click the “Meet for Coffee” button. This will share your Ready Report with your chosen agent so they have a huge head start on your wishlist and needs.

get $250 when you buy a home

Your Nestiny Agent keeps us updated as to the progress of your home purchase so we know you are being taken care of throughout your entire journey.

We take the time to carefully screen and select only the best agents to help you on your journey. After all, you’ve invested the time to get ready online with Nestiny – so you deserve to have a great experience the rest of the way!

Nestiny Elite Agents are chosen because they share our dedication to taking phenomenal care of you. They are always professional, reliable, knowledgeable and experienced. Nestiny Elite Agents are tech-savvy and strongly utilize Nestiny and other technologies to better serve you.

Our Agents adhere to our Agent Values and we have a continual feedback loop with clients to ensure they are the rockstar agents you deserve.

So choose your Nestiny Agent today and get your home planning off to the best start!

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