Ready To Become A Smarter Homebuyer?

Buying a home is complicated. Nestiny makes it easy!

Whether you need a step-by-step guide that walks you through the entire process or a comprehensive homebuying resource to peruse at your own pace, Nestiny is here for you 24/7.

Start your Journey Homeward

Get organized and make your home wish list with Journey Homeward, a step-by-step guide that covers all the bases. All you have to do is answer simple questions like "When would you like to move into your new home?" and "How much money do you have saved for moving expenses?" Sign up now to get started .

Calculate your ideal price range

Get suggested home price ranges in a snap so you can make realistic, informed decisions down the road. The True Affordability Tool calculates three suggested price ranges based on your savings, income, and expenses to give you accurate results. Sign up now to get started .

Your journey at a glance: The Ready Report

No other tool delivers the details of your entire homebuying journey better than the Ready Report. It summarizes your suggested price ranges, home wish list, and loan and credit information in one tidy report that's easy to print and share. Use it to keep yourself on track or share it with your agent -- either way, you'll get an enormous head start on the house-hunting process. Sign up now to get started .

Find your favorite home style

Most people have opinions about architecture and style, but many don’t know how to recognize a Colonial or Cape Cod house. Put a name to your favorite home styles by playing the Home Pinwheel game on desktop or mobile. Save time house hunting (and have fun too!). Try it out now .

Your questions, answered

Imagine having a library of resources on everything it takes to buy a home. Now imagine that it’s open 24 hours a day. Well, you don’t have to imagine anymore-- Funiversity is here! Chock full of content, videos, and quizzes, Nestiny’s Funiversity is easy to search and browse. Go there now .

Connect with an agent

If you were invited to Nestiny by a real estate agent, congrats! You're one step ahead. Connecting with an agent automatically gives them access to your Ready Report, helping you narrow your home search with just a few clicks.

Don't have an agent yet? Don't sweat it -- Nestiny can match you with agents in your area. After completing your Ready Report, you can contact agents via Nestiny or request to meet in person. Already have an agent, but they're not on Nestiny? Encourage them to sign up for an agent account so they can track your progress on the site.