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Xeriscaping and Zeroscaping — A Rockin' Way to Landscape Your Yard

Interested in a non-conventional way to landscape your yard? Look no further than xeriscaping or zeroscaping! While many believe these terms can be used interchangeably to mean the same thing, they are totally different ways of beautifying your yard.


Both of these landscaping techniques are perfect for areas that tend to have a dryer climate with limited access to water. Think Vegas, Phoenix or another thirsty town in most cases... but seriously, it's a great way to conserve water usage if you are wanting to be eco-friendly!


The word 'xeros' is Greek for dry, so add 'scaping' and you've got — dry landscaping or xeriscaping (pronounced zeer-i-scape). This technique focuses on creating beautiful, landscaped areas in dry climates. Usually plants that are native to the area such as succulents, cacti and other drought-resistant plants are used in the design. Through strategic placement of these plants, landscaping can appear just as lush and colorful as a more 'traditional' garden.

Xeriscaping focuses on these principles:

  • Planning and design
  • Suitable plant selection
  • Soil tests and improvements
  • Turf areas
  • Efficient irrigation
  • The use of mulch
  • Applicable maintenance


A huge bonus to xeriscaping is the reduction of water usage, often cutting the amount needed in half. Xeriscaping isn't only found in dry areas but many people living in this climate look for ways around the lack of water.

Not only is this type of landscaping agreeable with dry conditions it also saves a significant amount of money on water used to upkeep the landscaping. This landscaping technique can also be seen in areas where there is concern with population growth in relation to water resources.

Another plus is that Xeriscaping requires very little maintenance, much less than transitional landscaping. So it's ideal if you would prefer to enjoy a landscaped yard without continuous work.


Funny enough, the name implies it all with this style of landscaping. Zeroscaping often refers to areas of gravel, stone, concrete or simply barren ground. It can also imply nonexistent landscaping. Although native plants can sometimes be seen scattered throughout, there is little to no planning done prior. While it's still technically considered a landscaping style, Zeroscaping doesn't come close to the styled, planned landscaping that is xeriscaping.


Everyone has a different style and it's interesting to discover new ways to go about something. You may live in a dry area but still want the beautiful views of a landscaped yard or maybe you're simply looking for ways to incorporate a cost efficient style into your space. It's helpful to know there are options for almost all needs and climates. So whether your preference is a styled, plant filled landscape or a more natural area that requires no upkeep, there is something for every yard.

Did we mention that you might escape mowing your lawn on Saturdays or having to buy a lot of expensive lawn tools? Oh yes, that's a bonus too. Plus if you haven't noticed, decorating with a Southwestern motif has really caught on recently so the timing is perfect to plant your favorite cactus buddies and then lounge back and enjoy your low maintenance yard with great curb appeal.

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