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Which Type Of Home Is Right For You?

There’s a lot to think about when buying your first home — or moving to your next property. How much thought have you given to the type of nest that’s right for you? Let’s take a look at some of the things to consider when determining the type of dwelling you want to purchase.

condo townhome or house

Do you and your significant other plan to start or grow your family, or will it just be the two of you? A home with an extra bedroom or two and a nice, big, fenced-in yard would be ideal for the kids, but if it’s just going to be the two of you, the prospect of a smaller, maintenance free condo without any lawn upkeep to worry about might be pretty appealing.

A townhome with a small fenced in backyard could also be a good compromise between a condo and a full-size home.

If you value your space and want to maximize the peace and quiet, often times a home is the way to go, if it’s within your budget. Some condo and townhome units have paper thin walls, so keep in mind you may risk moving in next to (or beneath) noisy neighbors.

Using Nestiny’s Home Pinwheel, you’ll be able to assess your tastes and determine what type of home (and even style) makes the most sense for you, your family, and your budget. Nestiny helps you get on the fast track to finding your dream home!

which home is right for you

Want more homebuying advice? Nestiny is a great place for homebuyer education and to help you gauge how ready you are to buy a home. Journey Homeward allows you to enter all of your wants and needs while the True Affordability Tool will break down your budget, showing what you can comfortably afford. You will also receive a free Ready Report that is personalized based upon the information that you entered. This report will give you a vital head start in the home buying journey, saving you valuable time and money.

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