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What to expect when your home is on the market

Maybe you need an extra bedroom for the baby on the way, or possibly a yard for the pups to stretch their legs. Whatever your reason, the time has come to sell the house that you have called home. As you are busy readying your home to sell while also looking for a new house that fits your needs, make sure you know what to expect when it goes on the market.

putting your home on the market

5 Things You Can Expect

1. Expect to keep your home squeaky clean

We know this is a daunting task but it’s also one of the most important as first impressions are huge when it comes to a prospective buyer. Decluttering or packing up and storing some of your belongings prior to listing your home can really help with keeping tidy. Here’s a tip: try to set aside 10-15 minutes each morning to quickly wipe down counters, sweep or vacuum floors and make up the beds. This is also the time to make sure all traces of pet hair or odors is removed — after all, no one loves your furry friend the way you do.

2. Expect last minute requests to show your home

While never convenient, we can almost guarantee that you will encounter at least one last minute request to show your home. This is one more reason to always have your home in tip-top shape. Although these requests can be frustrating, especially if you have small children or pets, do your best to make it work. After all you never know if this showing could be the one that sells your home! Here are some tips for how to get your home show-ready.

3. Expect what may appear to be creepy drive-bys

Don’t be surprised if you begin to notice more cars passing by your home. Between the “For Sale” sign in your front yard and online listings, you are bound to have a few prospective buyers checking out the area and your home. Even though this can feel a bit intrusive, try to remember that Realtors often suggest that their clients drive by a home they are interested in before requesting a showing. In the long run, this may save you from an unnecessary showing (i.e. cleaning up your home to show), so just smile and wave if a looky-loo passes by while you are unloading groceries.

driving by a house for sale

4. Expect an open house

Most Realtors will want to hold at least one open house to show off your home and gain attention from potential buyers. They typically last 2-4 hours so it's best to plan an outing that will occupy your family for at least a few hours. You should also make arrangements for your furry friends so that they are not left wandering your home during the open house.

5. Expect that your home may not sell immediately

It’s hard to be patient when you’re in limbo between homes, but try to keep in mind that typically a home is on the market for 60-90 days. This amount of time can be drastically affected depending on the current local market conditions. So make sure to talk with your Realtor about realistic expectations for your local market and keep your eye on the prize — a brand new home for you!

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