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This Valentine's Day Show Some Love To Your Home

With the winter months looming ahead, and the holidays in your rearview mirror, now is a great time to look ahead... to Valentine's Day! When you're not busy planning a romantic evening with your significant other, how about investing some time and attention into renewing your love affair with your home?

decorate your home for Valentine's Day

Decorating for the holiday season can really make you feel the love, so why not spread this joy for Valentine's Day? Here are some simple things you can do in each room for Valentine's Day to feel the love in your home.

Decorate Your Home for Valentine's Day

Curb Appeal

Add some festive colors, or hearts, to your Door Decor or even in your Flower Boxes. These decorative items can be easily removed and saved for next year as well.

curb appeal for Valentine's Day


Why not set out a bowl of candy, or even a vase of red flowers, in the foyer to greet your friends and family and remind them how much you love them.

decorate foyer for Valentine's Day


Invest in a beautiful tray covered in hearts and then fill it with your (or your family's) favorite sweet treats! You have plenty of time for healthy eating before spring arrives.

decorate kitchen for Valentine's Day

Living/Family Room

Replace your throw blankets and even throw pillows, with Valentine's Day-themed alternatives. This will add a nice pop of color and help spread the theme of LOVE throughout your home.

decorate living room for Valentine's Day

Laundry/Utility Room

Turn around and leave this room. It's Valentine's Day. No need to do laundry today!


Once you have created a beautiful, functional bathroom that you love, go the extra mile on Valentine's Day and decorate this lovely space for yourself or someone you love. Start by preparing a warm bubble bath, or by floating flower petals and adding a scented bath bomb to the water. Now light some candles, and don't forget to pour a glass of wine to enjoy! Oh, and no need to wait for Valentine's Day for this self-care routine. Make this a regular occurrence!

Valentine's Day bubble bath


Depending on the weather, this would make a great day to build a fire and make some hot drinks to share under a blanket in your outdoor space. Turn on some soft music, and reminisce about the day you met with your significant other. Then start planning for your next fabulous vacation together to take your mind off of the cold.

decorate home on Valentine's Day

Can you feel the love again? Sometimes a sprinkling of something new around the house can make you smile. Enjoy the little things this Valentine's Day. xoxo

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