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Why the VA Loan is good for Sellers too

Ever heard of a VA Loan? If you are (or ever have been) part of the military it may likely be a familiar term. It has become a very popular loan option specifically for those in the military interested in purchasing a home.

VA Loan Benefits for Seller

While there are many benefits to this loan as a buyer there are also misconceptions, especially when it comes to those selling a home. One such misconception is that for a seller, it's more of a headache than it's worth to work with a VA Loan buyer. In reality, the VA Loan can benefit sellers as well.

First, what is a VA Loan and who qualifies?

Also known as the Veterans Affairs mortgage this type of loan is provided through the government. The VA loan is a mortgage loan offered by private lenders such as banks, savings and loans, and mortgage companies. These loans are then backed by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), who guarantees a portion of the loan against loss so that the lender can offer you better terms.

Although the VA Loan has been in place since 1944 it has recently had a surge in popularity within the last few years. Because this loan is guaranteed by the government it works slightly different than a traditional loan but still achieves the same result, homeownership.

Typically, eligible members include:

  • Active Duty Military
  • U.S. Veterans
  • Reserve Members
  • National Guard Members
  • Select Spouses

You can find more details on how the VA Loan works when buying a home in our article Buying a Home While Serving in the Military.

VA Loan Benefits for Seller

Great, so how does it help me as a seller?

Many hold the misconception that working with a potential buyer who is using a VA Loan can be a complicated process. And as a seller you may choose not to consider a buyer using this type of loan. While there are nuances (as any loan has) there is nothing that should deter a seller from working with a VA Loan buyer. In fact, there are actually benefits that you can feel good about!

Common misconceptions:

  • The turnaround time for VA Loans is long and drawn out
  • Concerns with the borrower (buyer) qualifications
  • High closing costs that fall on the seller
  • Overly strict appraisals and long waiting period


  • Most VA Loans close in 30-45 days, averaging the same as traditional loans
  • VA Loan borrowers are required to meet many requirements including credit/debit checks and income guidelines; There is a limit on the closing costs that the buyer is not allowed to pay and many sellers will cover the cost difference, however, it's not required
  • Appraisals are not skewed specifically for VA Loans although this type of loan is not designed for homes that need a total renovation or extensive repairs (there are other loans to consider if that's the case) and appraisals are typically returned within 10 days

Benefits for the seller:

  • By considering VA Loan buyers, you're tapping into an additional pool of potential buyers, so why not? And remember, you aren't required to accept an offer that you don't wish to.
  • Many active military buyers have a short timeline for finding a new home and moving in so the sale of your home could move very quickly.
  • By considering a VA Loan buyer you're helping support those that have served/are serving our country and giving them a chance at homeownership.

VA Loan Benefits for Seller

It's normal to shy away from the unfamiliar especially when it comes to a huge purchase or sale, such as a home. By simply taking some time to better understand the loan options that buyers may be using you can feel more comfortable as a seller. After all, the best scenario is that you sell your home quickly while providing someone else homeownership. Now that's a win-win!

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