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14 Tasks your Agent Can Do for You

Do you know all the ways your agent can help?

There's a reason that 87% of homebuyers use a Real Estate Agent when buying a home, according to the National Association of Realtors® 2018 Home Buyer and Seller Generational Trends report.

However, most people don't know about all the ways an Agent can help them during the homebuying process. Watch the video or download the infographic list below to discover 14 tasks your Agent can do for you!

Watch the video and learn!

Download the list and share!

Here's a cool infographic you can save and share to remember the many ways that your real estate agent can help you during your homebuying process.

Recap with a list

  1. Be an adviser and advocate during the entire home buying process
  2. Take time to uncover the your needs and wants as well as your motivations to buy
  3. Educate you on current local market conditions with sales activity and days on market
  4. Find a way for you to attain as many of your needs as possible while dealing with the realities of the market or specific financial constraints
  5. Research homes in the area and sort through active listings to make suggestions based on your needs
  6. Aid you in narrowing your home search until you have identified your top choices
  7. Handle the ins and outs of the negotiation process including the preparation of all necessary forms when making an offer or counteroffer
  8. Ask the listing agent for information on seller's utility bill history
  9. Provide oversight and follow up for any inspections deemed necessary
  10. Counsel you on how to handle any repairs needed on the property
  11. Connect you with trusted service providers if needed
  12. Provide you a list of the utility companies you will need to contact to set up new service
  13. Conduct Final Walk-through to ensure repairs are made satisfactorily
  14. Be present at closing to ensure that all your interests are protected

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