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Time to Downsize?

We bet that there was a time you would never have said that your “dream home” would be a small, cozy townhome. But now, you’re thinking a home downsize is exactly what you need. The kids have their own homes now, but what if the grandkids need to stay? There is always the question of how much space you need to live (and entertain family/guests) comfortably. If living simpler sounds perfect to you, a home downsize may be just the thing for you. Just make sure to consider a few things before making the move.


Are most of your family and friends living in town, and will they need to stay overnight?

If you have the luxury that most family and friends live nearby, there is much less of a chance that you need extra guest rooms for overnight visitors. Not to say the grandkids won’t spend the night from time to time, but they will be just as happy building a fort and camping out on the living room floor.

Do you find yourself cleaning a room more often than you spend time using it?

Washing the sheets in the guest bedroom (AKA your daughter's old room) again because they are musty? Cleaning a dusty bathroom, even though no one uses it? Fluffing pillows on a sofa that is rarely sat on? Unless you're one of those people that just really loves cleaning, no one wants to spend more time and energy cleaning than they have to. Once you begin to clean a room more than you actually use it, this is probably a good sign that it may be unnecessary space for you.

Have many rooms have become “storage” or “staged” rooms?

Rooms that have become strictly “for looks” or used as a second walk-in attic for storage of all those items you rarely need or use are probably not a necessity. If you have more than one of these rooms, it’s either a sign that you are ready for a downsize or a massive yard sale!

Are you paying to heat or cool multiple levels when you really only use one or two?

Almost fall off the bed trying to close the vents on the ceiling in your extra room? Yes, everyone has probably done this. And if you are paying to heat multiple levels of a home that you don’t even use much, that is literally money out the window! If you are only using one or two levels to live comfortably these days, why not downsize to something that will be much easier on your wallet?

downsizing questions to ask

Is it becoming more of a pain to maintain your home?

If it is becoming a hassle to keep up with things around the house (both inside and out) you may want to consider hiring someone to help you out. Take an honest look around and ask yourself how difficult your home’s upkeep has become. Also ask yourself if the cost of this maintenance is worth it relative to how much you need it. You may realize that you could remove much of the work and cost by downsizing. Not only will you have less to keep up with, but some lower maintenance communities offer routine maintenance and yard work as amenities.

You can dig deeper into your wants and needs in a home by completing our Journey Homeward. This step-by-step guide will help you to narrow down what you really need in a home while also allowing you to see any financial changes that may occur during a downsize. You can weigh these options and come to the answer that is right for you. Making the decision to downsize can be overwhelming, so let us help on your journey to a new, simpler home and life!

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