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Pros and Cons of Working from Home

working from home

Working from home is the dream for most people. You get to create your own productivity dojo, spend time with your furry friends, and prepare lunch at home. In the past few years, more companies have allowed their employees to work in the comfort of their own home. Technology has broadened our horizons so that we are more able than ever to take our work out of the office. However, working from home has its perks and not-so-great aspects. Here’s what you should consider when you’re working from home.


  • No more commuting to and from work, unless you count rolling out of bed on time
  • You can make your own schedule (depending on where you work)
  • You can create an office space dedicated entirely tailored for your best productivity and work-style
  • You can write off some of your home office expenses on your taxes
  • If you’re a parent, working from home is great if you have a little ones for sick days or teacher workdays
  • No more expensive dog-walker! You can better be there for your pets (and an excuse for a quick walk to stretch your legs)
  • Less workplace-drama to deal with on the day-to-day
  • More moments of zen and self-reflection throughout your day without excess noise and distractions of a busy office


  • You have to be incredibly self-motivated to work from home without losing focus
  • There is no one to check up on you during the day to make sure you are being productive
  • You are likely to be overworked and putting in more hours if you don’t have a set start and finish time
  • You miss out on bonding with your coworkers on the daily and building company culture
  • Cabin fever much? Working from home can make you a little crazy if you don’t get out of the house at all

Nestiny’s tips for working from home

Stay connected. Don’t go off the grid during the workday, but make yourself available as if you and your co-workers were in the same office. There is always email and phone, but these days there are plenty of awesome task management apps to choose from. Apps such as Slack are great for quick communication in the workplace.

Don’t just roll out of bed and start working — treat your workday as if you are going to the office. That means change out of jammies and wear actual clothes. It will help you be in the mindset for productivity.

Make your space at home conducive to a productive workday. Whether it means having an office at home that you can close up at the end of the day or a desk dedicated to work.

Find a way to get out of the house while you are working from home. Your local coffee shop or library can be a great alternative place to work if you can still be just as productive. Take a walk during lunchtime to get some fresh air.

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