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Your Home Is No Longer Yours — Preparing For Baby

Let’s face it, there are a million and one things on the to-do list when it comes to getting ready for baby. An important aspect that you may overlook though is your home (we mean outside of the nursery). After all, the baby won’t be able to move around for awhile so you have time, right?

While you may have a couple of months before your baby will be getting into anything, it’s better to address any major safety concerns before baby comes. Believe us the last thing you will want to focus on while trying to keep your newborn satisfied is baby-proofing the house.

baby proofing

Outlet covers

Your baby has tiny fingers that fit perfectly into those dangerous outlet holes and of course they are super enticing to your little one. Make sure that all outlets accessible by your baby haves an outlet cover. Don’t underestimate your baby’s ability to climb either. Go ahead and add those extra covers you didn’t think would be necessary.

Baby gates

You will quickly become a pro at bounding over obstacles in your path, namely baby gates. These suckers will be your best friend and containing your baby to the right side of these gates will keep them out of harm's way. Yes it’s true that your staircase may become a popular sledding hill in a few years, but your baby is not quite ready to take on the slopes yet.

Locks for cabinets, trash cans or anything with a door

Your baby will soon be looking for any and everything they can use to help them steady themselves as they take on the world. Make sure that anything that can open, pull out, or fall over is properly secured with a lock or anchor.

Corner protectors

Once those little legs are strong enough, your little one is going to keep you running around after them. Let’s be realistic though, there will be times when you turn your head for two seconds and this is when they will fall into an end table. Save yourself some worry (and a trip to the doctor) and attach corner protectors everywhere you can. While they may not be the most stylish decor you add to your home, they can be one of the most useful!

Fireplace screen

A nice warm fire in the fireplace is very enticing, add in how pretty the fire is and this combination may be too much for for your baby to resist. Make sure you have a proper screen or cover to keep your little one from getting too close and burning herself.

Choking hazards

Babies and dogs are very different...well, sort of. One thing they do have in common is the urge to put everything in their mouths. You can’t blame them, it’s just their way of becoming familiar with the world around them making use of the limited senses they have. Needless to say it will be very important to identify any potential choking hazards and remove them from your baby (and your dog’s) reach.


Remember the part about your home no longer being yours? While you may love your beautiful plants you will need to make sure that none of them are poisonous if your baby gets a mouthful. Yes, this is one more thing that will look tasty to your little one. Save yourself a frantic call to the poison hotline and do your research beforehand. Sadly this means that you will have to gift your favorite Caladium plant to aunt Sue.

Blind strings

As your little one grows, they may try to copy Tarzan and swing from anything left in their reach. While most new blind systems are made child-safe, make sure there is no loop in the cord that could turn into a strangulation hazard.

Spout cover

Bath time can quickly become a favorite and you will most likely end up just as wet as your little one. Don’t worry, no judgement here if this counts as your bath for the day as well. Just make sure everyone stays safe and add a spout cover to ensure there are no accidental head bumps that ruin the fun.

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