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7 Modern Apps to Organize and Declutter Your Home

It's fair to say that Marie Kondo has majorly kicked off a hot trend — Tidying Up. While some are excitedly jumping on board with the movement, there are others who may need a little more convincing that this process won't feel like a trip to the dentist.

Although there's no replacement for rolling up your sleeves and putting in some good old-fashioned hard work we can thank technology for making things MUCH easier. These apps will have you saying goodbye to your organizational woes.

7 organization apps to declutter your house

1. Sortly

Want to get organized? Like really, really organized? This is the app for you. Sortly allows you to create a visual-like inventory of all your stuff. Items can be categorized and sorted into folders and subfolders (upstairs>master bedroom>bathroom>closet). Here you can add up to eight pictures of an item as well as notes like product warranty information. Sortly even offers a moving checklist for seamless transitions from old to new.

2. Ebay

Let it go, let it goooo. That's exactly what Ebay allows you to do! The thought of decluttering is a little easier when you can make some money along the way. Simply post an item that you are willing to part with and wait for a purchaser to contact you. The app is so smart it even recognizes what you're selling from the picture that you upload and creates a headline and category for the item. It's never been easier to let an item go.

3. Snupps

Wish someone could simply yay or nay your stuff as you organize and declutter? Snupps makes it possible! "Connecting people around the stuff they own and love" is how Snupps has turned an organizational visual catalog of your items (from laundry hampers and heels to dishes and artwork) into a social platform as well. Share items with other users for advice on everything from how to organize, to how and where to donate. Never feel alone in your quest to organize with this app!

7 organization apps to declutter your house

4. Decluttr

Say hello to Decluttr, your go to app for selling all of your unused DVDs, CDs, books, video games and tech items. Simply scan the item's barcode, review buying amounts, ship to Decluttr for free and receive your payment. Think, the easiest yard sale of your life!

5. OfferUp

Their motto — simple. Decide what really needs to go and get down to business with OfferUp where you can easily sell (or buy) used items. In 30 seconds you can have that ahem 'wonderful' rocking chair from your husband's second cousin listed on the app. Now you simply wait for eager buyers to securely message you through the in-app messenger to arrange the purchase. Make sure to score the purchaser as they will likely do the same for you. Over time you can build a reputation as a rockstar seller, making buyers more likely to purchase from you!

6. Handy

Send help! That's just what the handy app was designed for. Despite our best efforts sometimes we still need a hand. Just tell the app what your need is and when you need it. And voila — an experienced, background checked and insured professional is ready to take care of your home service needs. After all, sometimes you just need an extra shelf (or two) in your closet to organize properly!

7. Camscanner

Everyone is going paperless, right? Don't worry — you're not the only one still swimming in papers. Here's your solution. Camscanner turns your smartphone's camera into a high resolution scanner. In a few simple steps you've created a PDF that can be saved, shared, archived, and accessed anywhere. The best part? You can do a key word search allowing you to find a specific document in seconds. No more digging through your file cabinets, hooray!

Let's face it. Taking time out of our hectic lives to organize and declutter is not exactly on the list of fun things to do. It can be hard and overwhelming. However, it can also be majorly rewarding and relaxing when it's done! With some determination and a little help from technology you can be well on your way to a more organized, stress-free home. Happy organizing!

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