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The One Month Declutter Challenge

For many, the thought of downsizing your home can be overwhelming. But if you break down the load of decluttering into daily activities, you can have your home clutter free in as little as a month! You can use this declutter challenge to downsize your HOME and also to whittle down your BELONGINGS.

To get started, pick a month or particular day to begin your challenge. For the next 31 days, go through your home and belongings, one group at a time. While going through each of these spaces, determine what you will keep, throw away, sell or donate. If you don't have a space like an attic, kid's room or laundry room, you can take a rest day or allocate that day to an area that needs more time (like your closet!?).

Nestiny's One Month Declutter Challenge.

By the end of your 31st day, you've officially completed the One Month Declutter Challenge! It's time to sell and donate everything you've decided not to keep but haven't thrown away. Remember, someone's trash is someone else's treasure!

Need a little more convincing? Learn the benefits of decluttering here.

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