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Nestiny's Feng Shui Guide for a Harmonious Home

Often referred to as the “art of placement,” feng shui is the long-standing Chinese practice of orienting one’s self with the objects around them in order to achieve happiness and overall life improvement. Feng shui translates as "wind and water" which are both associated with good health in ancient Chinese tradition. The goal is to allow for a positive flow of chi,or the spiritual flow of energy within oneself. While you may not be a believer in the practice of feng shui for spiritual harmony, you can apply the principles of feng shui for smart design of your space.

feng shui windows and light

Use colors to calm and create a tranquil space

Color can significantly contribute to the calming nature of your environment. Think of the room’s purpose before you pick up a paintbrush.

  • Bright, high-energy colors such as yellow and orange are great for more active areas like a kitchen or office.
  • Reds represent the fire element in feng shui and can elicit feelings of excitement, passion, and joy. Try a red in a space for entertaining others, such as a dining room or a living room.
  • Greens are the color of good health, so make sure to include a shade of green in your home to promote healing energy and a healthy life.
  • Blue, representing the water element in feng shui, can be used to calm and create a space of serenity.

While you are contemplating which colors to choose, consider also their intensity. Light versus dark shades of each color can yield different purposes, such as a soothing sky blue for a baby’s room versus a bold cobalt for an office.

Position your bed for the best rest

Position your bed to allow for the proper flow of energy in your bedroom. Although it sounds complicated, it is easy to map out your bedroom simply by looking at the relation of the doors and windows to the bed. Feng shui tradition recommends the commanding position. The commanding position is facing the door while not being on the same side with a solid wall behind it. Chinese tradition says that facing the door while in bed is important to watch out for intruders to keep you feeling safe while you rest.

Try not to position your bed under a window, for solid walls are preferred to keep out unwanted energy from entering your home and disturbing your sleep. Also make sure you do not position your bed with your feet directly pointing out the door, otherwise known as the “Death Position” in Chinese culture. This comes from deceased being carried out feet first, so make sure you either position your bed differently or use a heavy trunk, footboard or low table to block your feet.

Choose curves over corners

For your bedroom and other relaxation spaces, choosing furniture with curved edges versus sharp corners is a great way to create a space of tranquility. Think circular tables and rounded edges on frames, woodwork and your headboard. Less sharp-angled edges creates a less rigid space and allow for a more relaxed environment where energy can flow freely.

feng shui position of furniture

Clear out the clutter

A disorganized mess can leave energy stuck in one place instead of flowing free throughout your home. Think about it: don’t you get distracted by piles of mess lying around your home? If you are looking to move forward in life, make sure you are regularly cleaning and organizing to allow for the proper flow of chi. If you are going through a breakup, getting rid of things that remind you of that person is the first step in eliminating that person’s energy and negative energy from your home. Check out our article on Four Incredible Ways to Benefit from Decluttering Today” to see what other ways living the minimal life can help you.

Silence the noise

To serve their purpose, bedrooms and other rest areas should be stress-free zones. Try to eliminate “noise” from these spaces by reducing your technology use in your bedroom to zero. If you’re a laptop-in-bed type of person, try to find a space in your home dedicated to computer use that is different than your bedroom. Television and other screens should be kept in their dedicated spaces as well, such as your living room or family room. Not only does it keep stress outside of your zen space, but it will also allow for you to sleep better. Experts recommend that you turn off all devices at least an hour before bed to get your brain ready for rest.

Create a space for couples

Feng shui experts say that the layout of your bedroom can impact the quality of your romantic life. Symmetry is a great way to create a shared, equal flow of chi and encourage harmonious relationships. Creating equal exit space on either sides of the bed can allow for an equal flow of energy to both partners. Think in pairs when it comes to furniture, such as two nightstands, two lamps, etc. If you are single, your home is a way you can get in the mindset of having a partner. Feng shui does not recommend king-sized beds, for more space to sleep in can cause distance between you and your partner’s relationship.

Create a beautiful space with artwork

Inspire creativity by choosing pieces of art that speak to your artistic flair. Choose pieces that truly excite you and inspire your passions. Your home is not a place for someone else’s style, drape your home with pieces that are unique to you. Choose these pieces wisely and ask yourself if they truly give you joy. Your home is yours after all, so make sure you have beautiful accents to your tranquil space.

Consider Lighting

Light is incredibly important in feng shui to allow for more energy to enter your environment. Allowing for plenty of natural light during the day can bring life to your home while choosing soft lighting in the evenings. If you are an early riser, choose a bedroom that faces east where you can get the earliest rays of sunshine. If you’re a night-owl, face west. Use soft window treatments as opposed to harsh, hard ones such as soft curtains as opposed to plastic blinds. Instead of fluorescent bulbs, opt for warmer incandescent bulbs for less-invasive energy.

feng shui warm light placement

Grow Indoors

Aside from greatly improving the air you breathe in your home, plants are a great way to inspire good fortune, financial luck and growth. Place plants in areas of work, such as a home office or desk. A small plant pointing upwards (such as a lucky bamboo plant or beautiful flower) is perfect for your work desk. Plants are also a great way to sprinkle the color green throughout your home, the feng shui color of good health and prosperity.

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