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Moving With Your Furry Friends

Moving into a new home is most likely an exciting event for you, but keep in mind that your furry friend may feel a bit differently. Although many pets will adjust to their new surroundings quickly, it is important to take some steps ensuring the transition goes smoothly.

living with pets

Manage their stress exposure

You may not realize it, but pets pick up on stress levels, so do your best to seclude your pet during the move. This may mean containing them to a familiar room while packing up the rest of the house. Better yet if your pet is very comfortable with a friend or family member see if they can spend moving day with that person, away from the chaos.

Make sure to update your pet’s tags and microchip

Before taking your pet to the new home make sure that their tags and/or microchip have been updated to reflect the new address. This is especially important because if your pet were to accidentally get out, they will be in new surroundings and may not know how to get back.

Take your pet out to explore its surroundings when possible

Now that your pet is in a new place it’s important that it becomes familiar with its surroundings. This will be especially helpful if they ever get out of your house or yard. Not to say that all pets can or will return to a home if they escape, but chances are much higher if you have thoroughly introduced them to the surrounding areas.

moving with a cat

Immediately lay out all of your pet's essentials

If possible before you move into the new home, set up your pet’s essentials. Introducing them to a new environment will be less confusing if they have familiar items such as food and water bowls, their bed, toys, etc. If you are not able to lay all of this out before introducing them to the new home, try to make their things one of the first to unpack.

Keep their routine similar

Assuming your pet is on a routine, try to maintain this schedule as best possible. You better believe they learn the time of day that they will be fed, walked or played with and keeping with the familiar will help them more easily adjust to the new home. Pets are creatures of habits and locking them into a new routine soon will help ease their transition.

new vet clinic

Find a new vet clinic for your pet if necessary

If you are moving far enough away that it does not make sense to travel back to your old clinic, you should research a new clinic prior to moving. Don’t wait until an emergency pops up to frantically search the Internet for the best vet in the area. Talk to your current clinic about the move and see if they can offer up any referrals for the new area. It can also be helpful to talk with your new neighbors to see which clinics they recommend.

We know pets are near and dear loved ones and we hope our helpful tips will give you and your pet peace of mind while you get settled in your new home! Hope you enjoy this photo of our company's mascots, Nola and Evie!

moving with a dog

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