7 Last Minute Gifts to Wow Your Holiday Host!

The scenario is all too familiar — you’re running around after work getting ready for yet another holiday party. Tacky sweater, check. Plate of cookies, check. Gift for the host... Uh-oh.

The holidays are a fun-filled, fast-paced season where you are lucky to remember a gift for your mom, much less the host of your fifth holiday party. Not to worry! We’ve compiled some last minute gift ideas that will leave your host turning up their nose to the eleven bottles of wine brought by other partygoers.

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Personalized ornament

Has your host recently had a life milestone occur like graduating, getting married, having a baby, new job, or buying a home? Snag them an ornament that celebrates this special event in their life. You’ll get points for remembering their special day.

Live herbs

A small set of potted live herbs will not only act as pretty decor but is also super practical when it comes to cooking throughout the holidays. Just make sure you include mint, the secret ingredient to many yummy holiday cocktails!

Coffee, mugs and liquor

Grab a couple of coffee mugs with the host’s initial or a festive design paired with a bag of awesome coffee (or tea). If you’re really feeling generous toss in a bottle of cream liqueur. You will be the host’s best friend come the morning after their late night shindig.

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Is your host a game player? Pick up a game that they are sure to bring out at their next get together.

Instant date night

Gather up a box of popcorn, a bag of candy and movie (or an iTunes card) from your host’s favorite genre. You’ve just given the gift of an instant date-night-in!

Mulling spices

Make up a bag of mulling spices using cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cloves, allspice and orange peel. The spices can be added to a pot of water on the stove to bring all of the smells of the holidays right into their home. This will be the perfect gift for them to use at their next party, or perhaps the day after.

Framed pictures from the party

Don’t have time to stop on the way? Snap some pictures during the party (make sure the host doesn't have food in their teeth LOL). After the party, frame a few of the best shots and give them to the host as a cool, unexpected surprise to remember their event.

Now that you have some clever ideas to fix your last minute gift pinch, you can relax, grab a gift your host will appreciate and enjoy all that this time of the year has to offer with your friends and family!

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