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How to Keep the Peace in Your Nest During the Homebuying Process

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If you’re thinking about buying your own home or if you've already begun the process, you no doubt realize what a stressful time it can be. How do you keep the peace in your household and minimize arguments between one another during such a turbulent time? Here are five suggestions to help you keep a harmonious nest.

  • Make a list — It may sound like obvious advice, but make a list of all the things you need to take care of, be it making arrangements with movers, obtaining cash to close, signing closing documents, or any number of small details that make up the bigger picture of homebuying. Having a handy checklist of the items that stand between you and your new home and breaking them down into small, easily digestible pieces will help make the entire process a little less stressful. Take it all in stride, make and adhere to deadlines, and put your list in a prominent place and things will go more smoothly.
  • Make a budget — Creating and sticking to a manageable budget will contribute to household harmony more than you can imagine. Many studies have shown that one of the biggest points of contention between couples is, unsurprisingly, over financial issues. Obviously, the first place to start is determining a home price range that you can comfortably afford based on your income. Nestiny’s True Affordability Tool is a great way to clearly see what you can afford to buy, and when.
  • Compromise on your wants — Once you’ve determined your basic needs (primarily price point, school system and home size) you’ll have some big decisions to make from the style of your home to nearby amenities. Sit down together and write out a list of your nice-to-haves in a new home, keeping in mind that you may have to compromise with one another a bit.
  • Bring the kids into the mix — Moving can be confusing and stressful to little ones, especially when they may be going to a new school. Minimize stress by involving them in the process as early as possible. You can make them feel like they are part of the homebuying process by listening to their input about their bedrooms and the outdoor spaces and show that you're taking their input seriously. Letting them design their own space in your new home, like allowing them to hang their favorite posters and pick out the bed linens in their new bedroom can be a great way to get them excited about moving. For more tips on moving with children, check out this article.
how to get your family ready for moving
  • Find the right Agent — After you’ve squared up your wants, needs, and know your budget, it’s time to find a Real Estate Agent to help you secure your dream home. Connecting with just the right Agent who understands your particular situation will make the entire process as stress-free as possible. Read more about tips on finding the right Agent for you.

No matter where you are in the homebuying process, bringing Nestiny into the picture helps simplify every step, leading to a happier and more harmonious relationship and household.

Want more advice about all things home — including homebuying or selling advice? Nestiny is a great place for homebuyer education and to help you gauge how ready you are to buy a home. Journey Homeward allows you to enter all your wants and needs while the True Affordability Tool will break down your budget, showing what you can comfortably afford. You will also receive a Ready Report that will give you a vital head start in the home buying journey, saving you valuable time and money.

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