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How to Celebrate Special Occasions from Afar

There's no way around it, thanks to COVID-19 many of us are missing out on some sort of special celebration. And you know what? It flat out stinks. Everything from weddings and birthday parties to baby showers and retirement parties are being rescheduled or totally canceled. While some occasions can be postponed to a later date, other milestones can never truly be replicated. So then, what can we do? Even though it's impossible to replace an in-person celebration, there are still some creative ways you can help celebrate from afar.

celebrate birthday from afar with snail mail

Snail Mail

Never underestimate the power of a good old fashioned card sent via snail mail. The best part is that even if you can't get your hands on a card from the store you can easily make one! Kids especially love getting involved. Break out the construction paper, markers and stickers to create a masterpiece that is sure to be appreciated.


When a traditional style card or letter isn't possible, don't be afraid to find a great online card. Most sites will let you customize the card and add in a personalized note. If possible, add a picture of yourself or the family for an extra personal touch. Don't forget that most Ecards are sent via email so make sure you have an up-to-date email address on hand.

Recorded Video

A traditional gathering would allow friends and family to visit with one another and give their love and best wishes. If this isn't possible because of stay at home orders, consider asking these same family and friends to each send a short video (singing happy birthday, offering congratulations, etc.) and then compile all of the clips into one video and send it off to the person who is missing out on their celebration. While not quite the same it will mean so much that each person took the time to offer their good wishes. Plus seeing all of their loved ones (even if it's in video form) will help them feel connected during their time of celebration.

celebrate birthday from afar on video call

Live Chat

Why not have a FaceTime, Zoom, Houseparty or other live video chat celebration? Assign someone to "head up" the event and ask everyone to show up to the chat with their drink of choice for a fun, live hangout. Get creative and plan games such as charades or Pictionary. If applicable ask everyone to send a card or gift to the person being celebrated beforehand and the gifts can be opened up live for everyone to watch.

Superhero/Character Video Calls

Quarantine birthdays are no fun, especially when you're a kid. Make their day extra special with a surprise call from their favorite superhero or character! Especially popular with the younger crowd (but just as fun for adults as well) is the opportunity to hire an actor to make a video call to celebrate a special day for your loved one. Spiderman, Elsa and Disney princesses are just a few of the familiar faces that can brighten up anyone's special day. As a bonus, many actors are offering this service in place of their normal party appearances so you will be helping support local and/or small businesses as well!

Jib Jab

You're used to seeing those face-in-the-hole dancing elves around the holidays but did you know there are templates for other occasions as well? Simply choose a template, upload some photos and boom you will have a hilarious video that can be sent off to brighten the day of your loved one!

Goodies Delivered to their Doorstep

One of the most important parts of a celebration, the gifts, can still happen! If a registry was created, great! Shop the registry and have a gift (thoughtful note attached if possible) delivered right to their doorstep. If no registry is available, simply get creative! There are so many online shopping options from large retailers to local businesses (it's especially important to support your local businesses during this time) that you're sure to find something special.

celebrate birthday from afar with special delivery

Not being able to spend time with your family and friends, especially for special occasions is the worst. This is uncharted territory for everyone and the best thing we can do is keep a positive attitude and get resourceful! While special occasions will not likely be celebrated in a "traditional" fashion, that's okay. With a little creativity, it's still possible to make these times special and memorable for everyone.

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