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26 Houseplants That Are (Almost) Impossible to Kill

Plants add a certain something to a space that almost nothing else can — it's almost like a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively). Plus with so many different plants, they easily complement just about every design and space. No wonder plants are such a popular option for growing indoors.

houseplants that are hard to kill

But, if you find yourself having this dialog when shopping for a plant "Hi there, cute plant! Want to come home with me to die?" Then look no further than this list of houseplants that are just about impossible to kill. 😉

  1. Air Plant — quite literally grows in the air (doesn't need soil) and simply needs a short dip in water once in a while.
  2. Aloe plant — needs very little water and doesn't need direct sunlight to be happy.
  3. Asparagus Fern — both more sturdy and feathery than traditional ferns, and can adjust to low or high light areas.
  4. Calathea — also known as prayer plants they are a sturdy, leafy plant that needs minimal water and little sunlight.
  5. Cast-Iron Plant — a sturdy, leafy plant that enjoys being neglected, aka little water and little light.
  6. Chinese Evergreen — a leafy plant that can withstand lots of water and comes in a variety of colors like green, pink, red and white.
  7. Chinese Money Plant — has smooth, round leaves and prefers shade and weekly watering.
  8. houseplants that are hard to kill
  9. Christmas Cactus — produces leaves and flowers (white, purple, red or pink) and does great left to its own.
  10. Crown of Thorns — a succulent shrub that produces flowers (watch out for the prickly parts) it can thrive with very little water.
  11. Dragon Tree — a small tree that needs very little light (does great in corners) but it can be toxic to pets so beware.
  12. English Ivy — is very hardy and can grow on (or up) just about anything.
  13. Flaming Katy (Kalanchoe) — while it likes sunlight it can go for long stretches without water and the flowers (red, pink, yellow, orange or white) will still bloom beautifully.
  14. Flamingo Flower — boasting heart-shaped red blooms it needs medium light and watering when dry.
  15. Jade Plant — a succulent with green oval leaves it needs bright sun only for a few hours a day and minimal watering.
  16. hardy house plants
  17. Kaffir Lily — very sturdy needing indirect light and dry soil between watering it has beautiful flowers in cream, yellow or orange.
  18. Parlor Palm — small palm trees that like bright light and don't like overwatering.
  19. Peace Lily — producing spade-shaped white flowers they love to be overwatered and lots of light.
  20. Philodendron — producing interesting leaves they like dark spaces and very little water.
  21. Pothos — a type of vine that can grow in almost darkness and withstands both over and under watering.
  22. Purple Shamrock — its purple leaves and white flowers open and close in response to light/dark but in general likes bright light and minimal watering.
  23. Rubber Plant — naturally it grows very large but with a bit of pruning, a shaded spot and watering only when dry it makes a great houseplant.
  24. easy house plants to care for
  25. Snake plant — with stiff, upright growing leaves it is very hardy and can go for long stretches without water.
  26. Spider plant — give it a well-lit area and water about once a week and you'll have a happy plant that produces many "shoot-offs" that can be repotted for additional plants.
  27. Yucca — thrives in lots of light and prefers very little water.
  28. ZZ Plant — this leafy plant is basically impossible to kill as it can withstand low light, almost no water and low humidity.
  29. Zebra Haworthia — a small succulent with zebra-like stripes that prefers indirect sun and water when dry.

Understanding the best plant for your space is a huge step in making sure your plant will live a long, happy life in your home. Thankfully there are many plants that are very forgiving and will be happy simply sharing a space with you (with a touch of water from time to time!) Happy growing! 🌵

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