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Homeowner Essentials

Congrats! You’re officially a homeowner! During all of the excitement don’t forget that with homeownership comes navigating new waters and it’s best to be prepared before a situation arises. There are some basic household essentials that will make your experience as a homeowner much easier. While you may already have some of these items as a renter, now is a good time to take inventory and make sure that nothing needs replacing.

what to buy when you move in

15 Essentials for a new homeowner

1. Tool kit

Investing in a tool kit is well worth your time, especially as new homeowners. You will find yourself needing a hammer or screwdriver more times than you can count in the first few weeks after moving into your new home. Even once you are settled, the need for standard tools are endless. We suggest starting with at least the following:

  • Hammer and nails
  • Screw driver (phillips and slotted for starters) and/or power drill
  • Adjustable wrench and adjustable pliers
  • Tape measure
  • Level
  • Stud finder (you will thank us when hanging all of your pictures and decorative items)
  • Water key (in the case your inside main water valve fails use this to turn the water off from the street)
what to keep in a toolbox

2. Ladder and/or step stool

From replacing light bulbs, changing smoke alarm batteries and hanging pictures to cleaning gutters, washing windows and hanging holiday lights, the need for a ladder or step stool are endless.

3. Flashlight/lantern

Chances are that you already have a flashlight laying around, but now is the time to check and make sure it still works. If it’s not powered by a rechargeable battery, make sure to have an extra set of batteries close by. It’s also worth investing in a lantern just in case you lose power for an extended period of time.

4. Heavy duty extension cord

Helpful both indoors and out, extension cords have many uses such as allowing the vacuum to reach your car or powering yard tools.

5. Fire extinguisher

It’s best to have at least one fire extinguisher per level, but at the least have one located in your kitchen. Especially as you are adjusting to new appliances this can be a life-saving (and home-saving) item.

6. Carbon monoxide alarm

This is especially important if you have anything fed by gas in your home such as a stove or fireplace. While some are installed into the home like a fire alarm, others can be plugged directly into an outlet.

7. Vacuum

A vacuum is a must-have, for obvious reasons. If you have hard floors, make sure to get a vacuum that easily transitions from carpet.

8. Wet/dry vac

Leak under the sink? Drink spilled in the car? Accident on your carpet? A wet/dry vac is a multipurpose item that is helpful in many household binds.

moving to a new home vaccum

9. Hose

Watering grass or flowers, washing your car and spraying down mud-covered kids are just a few uses for a hose. If you own a home, you should also own a hose.

10. Push or riding lawnmower

If you have a yard that you are responsible for maintaining you will need at least a push lawnmower. Depending on the size of your yard, a riding mower may be a better option.

11. Weed whacker

You may think that you can squeeze your way into tight spaces with a lawnmower — don’t do it. Go ahead and invest in a weed whacker. Trust us, it will make your life much easier.

12. Hedge trimmers

If you have hedges, bushes or small trees you will need a way to trim them back. The easiest option is a powered trimmer (you may need that extension cord after all!) although there are less-expensive powerless trimmers.

13. Rake/leaf blower

If you have trees, you will have leaves to rake (or blow). Depending on the amount of leaves, you may be able to get away with a rake. If you have lots of leaves you might want to consider a blower.

14. Tarp

A tarp has many uses and can really come in handy. Covering your car, grill or lawnmower, transporting leaves and protecting flowers during a frost are just a few needs for a tarp.

15. Snow shovel

Unless you live in a tropical area you will most likely have to do some snow shoveling at some point, so go ahead and have the shovel ready!


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