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How to Celebrate Halloween with Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget

Who doesn’t love a day where you have an excuse to dress up like whatever your heart desires, get a hall pass on gobbling crazy amounts of candy and being a big kid again??

Here at Nestiny, we’ve scoured our favorite Pinterest, social media and search sites to find our favorite Halloween Decorations. We have searched high and low, near and far to create this list of important focal points and themes to focus on when decorating.

Places to Decorate

First, let’s discuss the main areas to consider when decorating for Halloween:

There are many areas inside the home to focus your attention on when decorating for Halloween.

  • A great focal point for decoration would be the fireplace mantel. Find some amazing mantel ideas here.
  • You can create a lot of elegance in your home with a Halloween themed tree. Search through this Pinterest page for some ideas.
  • Also put some thought into table top decorations. Simple is best. Don’t make it look cluttered. Pinterest has some amazing inspiration for table decor.
  • Another area of great focus would be Halloween wall art. Check out these great ideas for wall art here.

Just like Christmas, many homes and families focus on the outside when decorating for Halloween. This would include the yard, the porch and the entire outside of the home. You can find some fantastic ideas here.

Home Mantel Decorated for Halloween

Halloween Decorating Themes

Now let’s discuss some themes to consider when getting your home ready for the spookiest night of the year!


A bat is arguably one of the most iconic Halloween symbols used at Halloween time. You can find a bat template here OR if time is of the essence, you can purchase some already cut out.

  • You can hang bats from your light fixtures
  • Stick them to your plants
  • Slap them on your walls
  • Put them on your windows and door
  • Place them in your lamp shades
  • If you can reach it, you can hang a bat there!

You can find awesome photos and ideas on bat decorations here.

Spiders and Spider Webs

Spiders are creepy, but you can also design some elegance around the imperfections of a spider web. Therefore, it can make an excellent choice in decoration for your home during Halloween.

  • You can easily and cheaply purchase stretchable cotton with plastic spiders.
  • Or for even less you can make spiders and webs out of paper.
  • And if you want to get really creative, you can make a GIANT spider out of PVC pipe and foam.

You can hang spider webs in every corner, over the fireplace mantle, on the lamp, and anywhere you can fathom. Dare to explore spider Halloween decorations on Pinterest here.

Pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns

What is Halloween without a hayride to pick your own pumpkin? Once you find the perfect one, you take it home and decorate it however you wish! This may be one of the most versatile items to decorate your home for the fall!

You can carve it, paint it, write words, draw faces, light the insides up, cut other materials to make it look like a pumpkin such as a bucket or a pineapple, and so much more! You can decorate your porch or entranceway, your tables and fireplace mantles, your bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathrooms, etc. Pretty much every room and space in your home can find value by embracing a pumpkin! And, the best part — you can empty the insides and bake the seeds for a delicious snack that will surely make your home smell like fall!

Find many awesome ideas for what you can do with pumpkins on this Pinterest page.

House Decorated for Halloween


The ghosts come out at night, right? And creating ghostly decorations can be quite fun! All you need are bedsheets, gauze, stretch cotton, yarn and other white materials with starch and a doll or balloon to create your ghost positions. You can even simply turn other materials into ghost designs, such as wood, milk bottles, pumpkins, or even vinyl stickers on your white wall. Imagine the elegance and style that you can create!

Search through these creative ideas here.


You can’t have Halloween without a witch! Fall is a great time to pull out the cinnamon scented brooms so your home smells like the seasons. Get creative! Make witch hat wreathes, put witch socks and shoes on your table and chair legs, you can even create a witches brew pot for your front porch. But remember, it’s all about the hat and broom.

Find your imagination here.

Miscellaneous Halloween Decoration Must Haves

Other typical Halloween decorations include graves, skeletons, Halloween houses, black cats, and black lights. Black white and orange all make a statement. Something as simple as dollar store houses painted black create Halloween elegance! Something like this.

Splurging on Halloween

If Halloween is totally your favorite holiday and you can afford to go a bit over the top with your budget – there are some fabulously spooky home décor items here. The only problem you will have is deciding amongst all the fabulously eerie items they have curated for the trick-or-treater in all of us!

And don’t forget the little things like the smells of fall. Baked apple pie, cinnamon, bonfires, roasted marshmallows… so much to enjoy about the Halloween Season! And we hope yours is brighter than a full moon!

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