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20+ Ways to Have Fun at Home for New Year's!

Whether you are reflecting on the year that just passed or kissing it goodbye, celebrating the new year brings many a feeling of love, hope and new beginnings. And since they say home is where the heart is, it’s no surprise that many say “Let’s stay home,” when thinking about where to bring in the new year. That being the case, there are many activities, traditions and ways to celebrate in the comfort of our own home, surrounded by those we love. Let’s talk about some ways to make the most of it!

Celebrating New Years at Home

  1. Enjoy food traditions! There’s nothing that says love and tradition more than food! Some traditions include eating black eyed peas, lentils, noodles, round fruit (grapes or oranges), greens, pork and sauerkraut; all said to bring wealth and luck. Or you can try new foods and start your own edible traditions! After all, New Year’s is about a new you. If you are inviting friends and family over, ask them to bring a dish. This will take a lot of stress off of your plate.
  2. Bring on the romance. If you decide to stay in with your significant other (just the two of you), create a romantic setting. They say a kiss at the start of the year will bring a year of luck in love, so create the atmosphere and the food palette to accomplish this.
  3. Celebrate a kid-friendly New Year's. If you have children, make it special for them also by creating a child-friendly snack tray or cart, filled with their favorite foods. Offer them non-alcoholic bubbly drinks—what a special treat!
  4. Toast at midnight. No matter who you decide to celebrate with, don’t forget the TOAST! Grab the beverage of your choice and go around the room-- remember all the things you have to be thankful for and toast each other. Talk about your hopes and dreams for the year to come. Start off the new year on a thankful note surrounded by your friends and family.
  5. Decorate! Because the last day of the year is all about going out with a bang, the more flash, glitter, light, gold and fun the better! Blow up a ton of balloons and fill them with glitter and confetti. Pop them at midnight and watch it all come floating down! Hang streamers and stringed lights throughout your space. You may even want to use the food as a decoration centerpiece. This special time of year is about ending the year right, and starting the new year even better, so go all out in your New Year’s decorating.
  6. Start the new year fresh by cleaning your home, organizing, throwing out what you don’t need, and starting with a clean slate.
  7. Redecorate your tree! Remove the Christmas decorations from the tree and decorate it for New Year's.
  8. Party! Have a luau, PJ party, costume party, themed party, dance party or karaoke party.
  9. Create a confetti bar for all of your guests to grab and throw confetti when the clock strikes twelve!
  10. Play games! Spend quality time with family and loved ones. Play board games, dodgeball, scavenger hunts, cards, video games, etc.
  11. Have a movie night! Watch movies you all have been talking about watching or better yet, watch family videos and reminisce of good times. If you are lacking movies to watch, get on Netflix and begin a new series as a family. Be sure to set an alarm if you don’t want to miss the ball drop!
  12. Capture the moment. Begin the year taking photos and videos and plan to take more throughout the year.
  13. Pull out the photo albums and remember good times of the past.
  14. Plan for a year of generosity! On New Year’s Eve while hanging out with those you love, reflect and write down 12 acts of kindness to do as a family - one for each month. Make decisions on where you will spend your time and money to help others for the year.
  15. Make a Bucket List. Write down everything you want to do throughout the new year - you can do this for yourself, as a couple or as a family.
  16. Watching the Ball Drop on New Year's from Home
  17. Set goals for the new year. They can be personal goals or family goals.
  18. Plan a trip or vacation for the new year to come.
  19. Make some noise! As you bring in the new year, bang pots and pans and blow noisemakers. The louder the better. Start the new year with a bang!
  20. Get rid of any bad energy. If you have had a rough year, it may help you get into the spirit of renewal. Try writing down all of your troubles, mistakes, regrets, bad habits, fears, etc. on pieces of paper. At midnight, throw them into the fireplace. This will allow you to leave the bad and embrace the good that is coming.
  21. Make New Year's Resolutions. January 1st is a great time to make resolutions for the year to come. What better way to cultivate success for yourself. Write it down and look at it often throughout the year.
  22. Celebrate 'midnight' AND get your rest! If you have small children or otherwise don’t like staying up until midnight, start a new tradition of choosing a different time zone to celebrate with. For instance, if you live in California you can celebrate New Year’s with New York City at 9 PM your time.
  23. Embrace superstitions. If you are superstitious, there are a few things that will raise your chances of a prosperous year to come. Here are some examples:
    • Run around the block with luggage for luck in travel for the year
    • Wear white for peace and health
    • Hold a lot of money in your hand as you bring in the new year to ensure financial success in the year to come
    • Turn on all of your lights at midnight to bring clarity and prosperity, setting the mood for an even better year
    • Above we mentioned a kiss at midnight for luck in love
  24. THE COUNTDOWN! Let’s be honest, you can’t celebrate New Year's without the countdown, so let’s recap—about ten minutes before midnight, turn on the TV so you can count down and watch the ball drop. Make a toast, and at --3-2-1--kiss the ones you love and go crazy making noise! Text everyone you weren’t able to spend the night with and let them know you are thinking about them as the year begins.

What better way to bring in the new year than in the home you love, surrounded by your friends, family and pets, looking ahead to the future. Use this time to bring people together after such a busy season. Make this a new year to remember- meet new people, do new things, or look for a new home. 😉 Stay in and out of the traffic and chaos, unwind, pause and reflect within the perfect home setting. New Year's is about saying goodbye to the year that is passing and welcoming the new year to come.

How do you celebrate New Year’s in your home? However you do it, we wish you a happy, healthy, and wealthy year to come.

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