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How to Spend the First Night in Your New Home

Closing day is one of the happiest times for people who have survived the emotional challenges of purchasing a home. Once the keys to your new home are in hand, the physical work begins. The first day in your home is often filled with tasks like cleaning, managing deliveries, appliance installations and moving.

Couple having a picnic on the first night in their new home

When the smoke of the day clears, we suggest taking a little time to relax, reflect and recharge. Here are some of our suggestions on how to spend the first night in your new home.

4 Ideas for Your First Night

Sit outside

Neighbors are curious about you and will probably stop by and say hello and introduce themselves. Use this time to ask your new neighbors about things like: organized neighborhood events, neighborhood watch programs, book clubs, kids who may be near your kid's age, trash and recycling pick-up days, etc.

Go for a walk

Get to know your new neighborhood on foot. Take your kids and your dog if you have them! You may find hidden pathways to parks, small ponds, and possibly meet more neighbors. Make sure you take notes on the names or phone numbers of people you may want to reconnect with later.

Conversation starters with new neighbors: Where is the closest grocery store? Is there a dry cleaner nearby? Which local coffee shops are best? Is there a dog park or playground within walking distance?

Family going for a walk in their new neighborhood

Have a picnic

Spread a blanket in the yard or on your floor, and have a picnic with take-out food. This will provide a much-needed break where you can recharge and connect with each other after a hectic day. Kids will probably have lots of questions and you can help them ease the transition by taking time to talk about things.

Take some photos of your new space

You may want to look back and remember this special day when you began your journey of life in your new home. Whether you are moving into the home alone, or with a family, keeping a photographic record of your progress over the first few weeks is a fun way to document the move. Your family and friends may enjoy seeing your new space too, so feel free to send them some photos of your progress as you go along to help them feel connected!

If you have young children:

  • Play a game of hide-and-seek to get to know the house better
  • Have them draw a photo of their new house to send to their friends in the old neighborhood or to their grandparents.
  • Set up a cozy space for them to gather to watch their favorite movie or cartoon. This can be calming and provide some normalcy after a stressful day.
  • Play the "High/Low" game. In this simple game, you ask the kids about their most and least favorite things about the day, or the new house. This is a great conversation starter and can help young children talk about any concerns they may have with the move.
  • Surprise them with a goodie bag. Gather any treats or small toys that would help provide your child with activities and make them feel special during this time of change. The idea is to help attach positive feelings to the move and allow them to have fun and stay occupied while the adults are busy.
Family playing hide and seek with moving boxes in their new home

Safety tips for your first night:

  • Double-check that all of your windows and doors are locked and the locks are working properly. It is easy to overlook these things when you are exhausted at the end of the day.
  • Take a minute before you turn in to locate your car keys and press the alarm on your fob to make sure that your vehicles are locked, especially if you still have boxes or any personal items inside your cars.
  • Find your outdoor lighting and turn on those lights. If there are bulbs that are burned out, this is a great time to replace them.
  • Make a list of local emergency numbers and place it on the refrigerator for everyone to easily locate. The Police Department, Fire Station, and Gas and Electric companies are a few suggestions. You might have questions for these first responders that don't warrant a 911 call.
  • Write down the address to your nearest Emergency Room or medical clinic and place it near the list of emergency numbers. If there is a medical emergency, you don't want to scramble for this information. If possible, take a drive and scout out the nearest hospital and clinic to ensure that you know how to get there if necessary.
  • Don't forget to charge your phones!

Lastly, STOP WORKING before you become overtired, irritated and possibly injured. Yes, your mind may be racing with things you need to do, but force yourself to stop. Those jobs will be there tomorrow and you have a long road ahead of settling into your new space. Moving is more of a marathon than a sprint!

Take some time on your first night in your new home to enjoy the fruits of your labor. It is a special time of new beginnings and possibilities that shouldn't be rushed. You've worked hard to get here so allow yourself to have some fun along the way. If you are looking for more tips about moving into your new home check out: 10 Must-Dos When Moving Into Your New Home

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