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Green, green everywhere! Expert Tips for a Lush, Grass Lawn

Jealous of your neighbor's lawn that's so green and lush you could take a nap on it? Well, do we have some tips for you! Before you know it, your green thumb (and grass) will be the talk of the neighborhood.

aerate your grass for a lush lawn

How to Grow Grass

First, let's review the standard process for successfully growing grass:

  1. Aerate — there are two options for aerators: a pull-behind and a walk-behind. The walk-behind will give you a bit more control but if you have a very large area to aerate, then a pull-behind might be your best option. Make sure to pass over each area at least twice, however three or four passes are ideal.
  2. Seed — don't be afraid to over do it here. Seriously, this is NOT a case of less is more.
  3. Fertilize — you'll want to find a good starter fertilizer along with fast-acting lime. Apply the lime right over top of the fertilizer.
  4. Water — the best time for watering your grass is early in the morning. It will give the grass just the right amount of time to absorb what it needs and the sun will dry up the little remaining water. If you water at night, water will sit on the grass and cause fungus to grow. During the heat of the day the water can cause steam which will damage your grass. It's best to do a hearty watering once or twice a week instead of daily, light watering.

*For most parts of the country it's recommend you complete this process twice a year — in early fall and early spring. However you should confirm your region's timing before beginning.

**The best time to start this process is right after a good rain when the ground is wet and soft.

Once you've put in the hard work to start your lawn, it's important to follow some vital tips to make sure your grass thrives.

How to Help your Grass Thrive

Tip #1: Sharpen or replace your mower blade.

Although this may seem like a painful task — it's an important piece in keeping your grass green and thriving. If you cut your grass with a dull blade, it will leave a jagged edge to the grass that will brown and give a dull, brownish look to your whole lawn. However, it's not just aesthetics that are affected by a dull blade. The uneven edge left on the grass can make it more prone to disease.

mowing lush green grass

Tip #2: Follow the one-third rule.

It's important when you mow your grass that you mow high and vary your mowing pattern. You never want to remove more than one-third of the height of the grass in one cutting. This will cause trauma to the grass and make it more susceptible to disease. In addition, it's a good idea to mix up the direction you mow so that no one area gets pushed down by the wheels too often — which results in bald spots. Everyone likes passing a lawn with diagonal cross-hatched lines anyway!

Tip #3: Reuse your grass clippings.

You know that extra step you're taking to bag all of the grass clippings and dispose of them... guess what? You're better off skipping this extra step. Those grass clippings are full of nitrogen, the very thing you are adding to your grass through fertilizer. If you're following the one-third rule and cutting a small amount of grass at one time (leaving too much grass behind, called thatch, can be damaging to the grass), you can make life easier on yourself and leave the clippings behind as built-in fertilizer.

Tip #4: Get rid of weeds.

Preferably treat for weeds before they even become a problem with a pre-emergent herbicide. This should be applied in early spring. Inevitably though, you will still find a weed here and there. Simply remove them by hand if there are only a few. Otherwise, explore weed control products based on the culprit you're dealing with.

Tip #5: Remove extra shade.

Grass loves the sun and cannot thrive in shade so remove any unnecessary trees, limbs or shrubbery that are hogging the sunlight. Your grass will thank you and chances are your freshly groomed trees and shrubbery will look much better too.

expert lawn care tips for the perfect green lawn

Everyone wants it, but not everyone achieves it. Green, luxurious grass is coveted by many homeowners. By establishing a strong foundation for your grass and following these lawn maintenance tips, you too can have an amazing, green lawn!

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