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Make the Easiest Move Ever

Moving can be exciting, but also overwhelming when it comes time to get ready to pick up and go elsewhere. Not sure where to begin? Take a deep breath and relish the excitement of moving but don’t get caught up in the stress of the move itself. Check out our tips for moving with little to no hassle.

moving home easier

Organize your move

Use a notebook to keep track of what’s in each box, and number them accordingly. Categorize your items by room and function, such as “kitchen” and “cutlery”, or “bedroom” and “linens”. This way, aside from prioritizing your unpacking, you can keep like-items together and save yourself some time later. Labeling each box with its room will also help your movers know which room to put the boxes in and you won’t even have to lift a finger. Invest in a spiral notebook, some permanent markers, and even colored tape to help you stay on top of where everything is during your move.

Lighten the load

It’s not surprising that many times people pack up everything with the intention of sorting it later. Save yourself extra costs and give yourself a fresh start by going through your things and getting rid of stuff you don’t need. You can start this as soon as you know you are moving.

  1. Ask around and see if anyone is looking for furniture. Maybe you've know a neighbor's kid who is headed to college, or a niece or nephew who is moving into their first apartment.
  2. Check local thrift stores, many of which have a free pickup program.
  3. Yard sale! Post signs up on a sunny Saturday morning and host a moving sale. You can use some of the cash towards a DIY project in your new home or your moving costs.
  4. If you have items about to be tossed to the curb, post a free listing on Craigslist so someone can come by and pick them up. It's a win-win for you and your community!
  5. Make sure to schedule any furniture pickup with your local trash company if necessary.

The first night

Plan ahead and make a “first-night” box. Include medications, toiletries, towels, one set of silverware, any of the essentials for your first night’s stay in your new home. After a big move, you may not feel like digging through your boxes to find something you need for your first night. Think about what items you’ll need at the ready before you can start unpacking the big stuff.

Packing valuables

If you’re using a moving company, pack a “valuables” box. This includes heirloom jewelry, birth certificates, passports, and other things you may not want a stranger to touch. Although moving companies are typically very professional and trustworthy, you may have more peace of mind having at least one private box packed up and ready to go. You can also make sure these items are well-taken care of and handled properly if you choose to take them yourself instead of with the rest of your items.

moving hacks

6 moving hacks for a stress-free move:

  1. Save money on bubble wrap by packing your dishes and fragile items in clothing.
  2. Start collecting bags, newspaper, and other shipping supplies early on for your to use for packing.
  3. Kids and pets can make a move more stressful, so make sure they’re well-taken care of the day of your move. Check out Moving with Little Ones and Moving with your Furry Friends for more quick tips.
  4. If you have friends help you with your move, make sure to thank them. Did someone say pizza party?
  5. Soft bags such as trash bags or duffel bags are great for packing clothes, pillows, and other cloth items.
  6. Pack hung items in your closet still on the hanger, it will make your life easier once you unpack.

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