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Doorscaping (yes, it's a thing)

We've all heard that saying, you never get a second chance to make a first impression, right?

Well, the same holds true for the front door of your home. It's literally and figuratively the gateway into your special haven. Your front door not only provides access to the physical interior of your home, but also really gives a peek-a-boo glimpse of your personality and style.

doorscaping tips

More than that, your front door and its surrounding area can evoke feelings of hospitality, promote a seasonal celebration and even provide a healthy dose of curiosity or wonder for your neighbors and guests at times!

And if you're considering selling your home, Doorscaping can be an integral part of the home staging needed to help your home sell for top dollar.

Whatever your personal style of home decor may be, the concept of "Doorscaping" has become a thing in recent years.

Doorscaping has been described by some interior designers as the art of decorating your doorway with seasonal foliage and decorations. However, it's become more than a trend and has expanded to include even more than that.

From fully decked-out front porches, sidewalks and doors... to the simplest of door wreaths and hanging monograms, there are so many opportunities to get creative and make your home's outward appearance as inviting and welcoming as you would like it to be! Here are a few tips and ideas to help your front door stand out.

7 Ideas for Doorscaping

1. Start with a focal point

This could be the front door itself or you might want to draw attention to specific architectural features such as walls of brick or stone, ornate details, house numbers or the lanterns flanking the door.

doorscaping tips

2. Select a theme, holiday or season

This could celebrate an upcoming holiday such as a birthday, baby announcement, Halloween, Christmas or just complement your overall home's style. Think of which elements like baskets, wreaths, statues or sit-arounds might pull off the look you're trying to convey.

doorscaping theme

3. Be thoughtful about color

Your options are endless here but think of the emotion you're trying to evoke. Is it a happy, patriotic, calm or luxurious vibe? Choose a color palette of no more than 3 main colors to really make your Doorscape pop.

doorscaping colors

4. Don't forget flowers

Whether they are freshly potted pansies in cute planters or silk/artificial flowers in rattan baskets so they can withstand shifts in weather, flowers and floral arrangements can make a huge impact in your Doorscape. Look at photos online for ideas on sites like Pinterest or Instagram for inspiration. A shot of color around your front entrance injects life into your curb appeal and can set the tone for your entire home's decor.

doorscaping flowers

5. Lights, camera, action

The addition of other lighting elements can alter the vibe of your Doorscape during the evening hours as well. Nothing says inviting more than twinkling lights! So play with different types of floor lanterns and battery-operated candles to see what makes your home the most inviting.

doorscaping lights

Shimmering pebbles and metallic touches also do well to play off the flickering lights and create major ambience for anyone who approaches or passes by your home. Don't forget to journal your hard work by taking photos that you can save to remind you for next year or even share on social media if you want to show off your beautiful motif.

6. Typography is cool

doorscaping doormat

A recent trend is to accentuate your Doorscape with a humorous doormat to show off your personality or to hang a carved monogram out of painted wood on your front door. There are so many talented artisans on Etsy that offer great options and stores like GrandinRoad and The Company Store have fun doormats you can check out to spice up your space.

7. Keep it organized when not in use

If possible, find a dedicated space within your home, garage or attic to store your Doorscape items by theme or style so they are easy to pull from and swap out as the seasons change or certain holidays or events come up. If you organize them into bins with clear labels, it will make Doorscaping the same style or theme next year or the next season a breeze.

Hopefully, these tips make your foray into Doorscaping easier and more fun. Experiment with several ideas to see what works best for your style, your home's architecture and your neighborhood. You may surprise yourself with some new creative skills that make your home's first impression the best one on the block!

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