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31 Creative Ways to Freshen Up Your Yard

Just like a fresh coat of paint can do wonders to liven up a space, adding some landscaping or additional elements to your outdoor space can completely freshen up your yard! Plus, there many different options depending on how big of a project you are looking to take on. From total backyard renovations to simply planting a few new flowers, here are some ideas to get you started!

creative yard landscaping ideas
  1. Mulch — a great, inexpensive element that instantly creates fresh pops throughout your yard. Don't be afraid to experiment with different colors!
  2. Shrubs/greenery — from subtle to more elaborate, there are many sizes and varieties to choose from.
  3. Flowers — they are so versatile in color, style and can be planted in pots or directly in the ground. Plus who doesn't smile at the sight of pretty, colorful flowers?
  4. Trees/fruit trees — any tree is a great addition to your outdoor space, and the world will thank you! 🌎
  5. Succulents — needing very little attention, succulents are great for adding visual textures and colors to any space.
  6. backyard succulents
  7. Ivy/ivy wall — not only does it create a beautiful design, but it's also great for privacy when grown on a fence, wall or any barrier.
  8. Gardens — create useful, edible gardens or just a beautiful space of flowers/greenery. 🍅
  9. Garden structures — even though your mind may immediately jump to garden gnomes, the options for structures are truly endless to fit your style.
  10. Stone/gravel/pebbles — with many sizes, colors and textures they are great for walkways or simply creating new spaces.
  11. Stepping stones — both functional and visually appealing.
  12. Borders — metal, wood, rock and more can be used to create borders to help landscape any area.
  13. Xeriscaping — focus on creating beautiful, landscaped areas in dry climates.
  14. Hardscapes — the use of "hard" materials (sidewalks, paving stone, retaining walls, decks, patios, etc.) which add functionality and visual appeal.
  15. creative yard landscaping ideas
  16. Trellis fencing — a great option for decorating that can be used to create privacy or as something to grow flowers/plants on.
  17. Unique walkways — while walkways are innately useful, they can also be a great, eye-catching feature when done creatively and with creative elements (think round pieces of cut wood or old tile).
  18. Firepit — a great year-round feature that works well for entertaining or a family night around the fire.
  19. Sitting area — accomplished by purchasing furniture or for a more rustic look consider objects like logs or rocks.
  20. Patio — a patio is a great outdoor space that can be created using many different materials and styles, which are flexible to your space.
  21. Lights/string lights — set a fun atmosphere and add light to outdoor spaces.
  22. Candles/Tiki torches — nice for occasional use or if bug control is needed.
  23. Lanterns — solar lanterns are especially handy and work perfectly for lining a walkway or driveway. 🏮
  24. landscape lighting ideas
  25. Benches/tree benches — benches are a great way to create spaces to relax throughout your yard space.
  26. Small pond (above or below ground) — who doesn't love a water feature? Add a few fish for outdoor entertainment! 🐟🐟🐟
  27. Planters made from repurposed items — get creative here but consider things like old bathtubs, wheelbarrows, tires or furniture. These work great repurposed and used as planters.
  28. Hammock — the perfect yard feature for relaxation!
  29. Swing — these don't only have to be for kids! Porch swings, tree swings, tire swings or a swing set are all great options.
  30. Pool or hot tub — although a bit more of an investment, talk about an amazing yard feature!
  31. Birdhouses, feeders or baths — watching birds is a fun hobby, not to mention their houses, feeders and baths are a cute addition to a yard space.
  32. Fairy garden — a fun and cute way to liven up a space in your yard, plus your kids will love it!
  33. Outdoor bar — as rustic or over the top as you please, and you'll be the favorite hangout spot of the neighborhood! 🍹
  34. Chicken house (and chickens!) — they make fun pets, provide you with fresh eggs every day and you can make their chicken coop a statement piece for your yard! 🐔
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