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Eeny meeny miny moe. House, townhome or condo?

When you hear the word home, what comes to mind? Many will picture a house nestled on its own lot with beautiful landscaping and a white picket fence. But this isn’t always the case. You may envision a quaint townhouse with a great patio, or possibly a low maintenance condo with the convenience of amenities. While it would be great to have the perks of each option combined into one amazing home, typically you will have to decide which features are most important to you.

condo townhouse or home


Does an early morning workout right in your building, followed by a quick stroll to breakfast and an afternoon of lounging by the pool sound like your version of a perfect day? Well then condo living may be just for you! There are plenty of benefits when it comes to owning a condo, which often includes amenities and convenience to restaurants and entertainment. You will enjoy the perks of homeownership without the upkeep of a yard and most maintenance is usually handled by the HOA. The added security built into condos is another benefit that many find appealing.

Condos are an especially great option if you stay on the go, or travel often due to work but still want a place of your own to call home. Remember, there are some downsides to owning a condo which include less privacy, abiding by the HOA rules (and paying for an HOA to begin with) and condos can sometimes be difficult to sell.

Consider a condo if you like most of the perks of renting, but would like to own your home.

condo townhouse or home


A morning stroll around the community lake with your favorite four legged friend and an afternoon cookout with friends on your HGTV patio is what's in store for townhouse living. Townhomes are another great option that allows you to own with the convenience of a low-maintenance home. Considering you are close to your neighbors there is a strong emphasis on community, which can be a pro or con depending on how social you would like to be. A lot of townhomes also offer amenities such as a community pool and workout facilities. Unlike condos, most townhomes offer at least a small yard space. The upside is that some HOAs cover any upkeep needed to your outdoor spaces, but with this comes the dreaded HOA fees and regulations, so check and see if HOA membership is required before you move in.

Consider a townhome if you would like more space (both indoors and out) than an apartment or condo but would like less maintenance.

condo townhouse or home


A morning cup of coffee on your back deck while watching your kids (or fur babies) play in the yard followed by planting your favorite flowers in the beds around the house and an afternoon spent cooking in your kitchen in preparation for friends and football. If this sounds like your idea of home then consider a house. Owning a house offers many options that neither a condo or townhouse do: freedom to personalize your house (which may also mean no HOA fees), privacy and more space are just a few benefits to owning a home. With these perks you will be responsible for the upkeep of both outdoor and indoor maintenance, or you can budget for someone to do it for you. A house may also be a better option if you have children or pets (or foresee either in your future) as space in all aspects is your friend!

Consider a house if you are okay with handling the upkeep and would like more privacy, space and overall control over your property.

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