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8 Alternative Uses for your Backyard Shed

He Shed, She Shed

It is believed that an open concept interior design helps us feel a sense of “freedom” in the home. Homeowners often desire airy, light-filled spaces that allow large groups of friends or family members to gather. After all, we all want to be together all of the time… right?

Shed Alternative

As it turns out, while the walls have been disappearing in our homes, many homeowners are left wondering where to escape for a little “me-time”. Sure we can see from one end of our home to the other, which is ideal for parties and holidays, but should we be relegated to the bathroom or bedroom to enjoy a little peace and quiet? Now that we are spending much more time in our homes what are our options?

Enter the backyard shed.

What was traditionally used as a storage building is quickly becoming repurposed to help create a refuge from the chaos. With just a small amount of yard space, you can have your own little He Shed... or She Shed.

There are a variety of designs and sizes available for purchase today, so the only limitation is your creativity. Don’t stress! We are here to help guide you with some ideas to get your creativity flowing.

8 Alternative Uses for your Backyard Shed:

Green House

If your idea of down-time involves planting, watering and pruning, you will love this idea. Having your own green house can allow you to enjoy horticulture all year long. There are a few alterations that need to be considered when turning your shed into a green house.

You can while away the hours, conferring with the flowers, by adding:

  • Grow Lights for cooler months with less sunshine
  • Skylights and lots of windows
  • Utility Sink, or a place to hook up a garden hose
  • Waterproof flooring with a drain to the outside
  • Heat source for cold months
Shed Alternative - Backyard Kitchen


You can create and enjoy cocktails at your leisure in your own backyard bar. Whether you are drinking alone, or tipping a glass with good friends, a bar space can be ideal for relaxing.

Ideas to consider:

  • Split Unit
  • Soft lighting
  • Wall-mounted screen - to enjoy games or movies
  • Small refrigerator/freezer for cold bottled drinks and ice
  • Storage shelves - bottles, glasses and bar tools

Yoga/Exercise Studio

This option might be perfect if you crave serenity in the form of exercise and meditation. You will need a few things to create a zen space where you can focus.

While practicing self-care you may need:

  • Split unit
  • Matts, or rugs
  • Dimmable lighting
  • Speakers for music or relaxation recordings
  • Wall-mounted screen to join in fitness classes
Shed Alternative - Backyard Office


This option may be one of the most popular shed uses in a post-COVID working world. Many people use their kitchen table, or dining area, as makeshift office space. Working in these spaces can be challenging because they are often located in the center of the home. It is difficult to have a private phone conversation or conduct a zoom meeting because the kitchen is often the hub of activity.

Adaptations to consider:

  • Electricity for computers, charging zones, lighting
  • Heating and cooling capabilities
  • WiFi
  • Desk area with a comfortable chair

Guest Suite

If you and your family love hosting and entertaining but are struggling to find a place to accommodate overnight guests, you may want to consider using your backyard shed as an extra bedroom or bunk room. If this is your goal, you will want to choose a location near an entrance with a bathroom.

Help your guests stay comfortable with:

  • Heating and cooling
  • Lockable door for safety
  • Lockable windows with screens for fresh air
  • Built-in bed frames, or space-saving bunks
  • Outlets for lamps & cell phone charging

Outdoor Kitchen

Is your kitchen lacking space? Or do you simply love to cook or entertain outside? Creating an extra cooking area in your backyard shed may be the solution. Many vegetable gardeners create outdoor kitchens because it is difficult to cool down a kitchen during canning season with the stove in constant use. Instead of heating up the house, they take it outside!

You might want to include:

  • Required electrical outlets for a stove, most often a 220V outlet
  • Overhead task lighting
  • Small refrigerator for storing essential cooking ingredients
  • Storage shelves for dishes, pans, canning jars and spices
  • Counter space for food prep and serving
Shed Alternative - Backyard Kitchen

Craft Room

If you love to get crafty but hate the cleanup and lack of space to spread out, you may want to create a craft shed. The focus of this space is a workbench, or table and chairs, surrounded by storage shelves to organize all of your tools and craft materials. This space would be ideal for sewing as well.

Consider these features:

  • Center worktable or workbench
  • Built-in shelves or cabinets
  • Overhead task lighting
  • Heating and cooling capabilities
  • Windows for natural lighting or possibly skylights for painters
  • Plenty of electrical outlets for power tools and accessories

Play Room or Music Room (AKA the loud room)

This is a shed space that is built for playing music, or just playing.  It can be a home for your drum set, toys or even video games.  If the activity involves loud noise, your backyard shed could be the answer.

Make sure you plan for:

  • Sound insulation
  • Heating and cooling units
  • Soft, dimmable lighting
  • WiFi capabilities
  • Plenty of electrical outlets

When “open and airy” becomes “crowded and scary” - just head outside. The possibilities are truly endless when it comes to adapting a storage shed into a room of your own, where you can recharge and relax. Your own private She Shed, or He Shed, might be just the oasis you’ve been looking for.

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