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All About Flooring

Wood, carpet, tile, vinyl... so many flooring choices! Each one has their own benefits and drawbacks so before you choose a home or decide on renovations, let us help you understand the differences.



Hardwood floors are very popular, durable, easy to maintain and great if anyone in your home has allergies or you have pets. They work well in high traffic areas too. Keep in mind that they can usually scratch if heavy furniture is moved or show nail marks from household pets. It's recommended to put protective pads under the legs of heavy furniture to keep your floors in good shape.

Re-sanding and refinishing your hardwood floors is always an option if there is damage. However refinishing hardwoods can be expensive and somewhat of a hassle because the fumes are unpleasant and may require you to stay somewhere else temporarily while they cure. If you think your next home may need some hardwood floor repair, it's best to have that done prior to moving in for less disruption to your family.


Carpet floors are popular due to their supreme sensory comfort, noise reduction and wide range of colors and textures. They are relatively easy to clean but do trap allergens and pet hair more than hardwood floors. And pet urine can be a problem, especially if you have a repeat offender and the stain soaks through to your carpet pad underneath your actual carpet. It can be a bear to keep clean and also comes with a lingering smell that is not easy to remove. Carpet is actually more common in living rooms and bedrooms these days as it does offer a cozy vibe and makes playtime fun for children.


Tile floors are very popular, durable, easy to maintain and great if anyone in your home has allergies or you have pets. Tile is common in kitchens and bathrooms these days. It is super easy to scrub and doesn't trap odors as much as carpet. The style possibilities are endless with porcelain, ceramic and stone variations to consider. And tile can be maintained by sealing the tile and the grout to prevent dirt buildup.


Vinyl flooring is the most affordable choice. It's relatively easy to clean and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. Vinyl floors are fairly durable with small pets but can be damaged by larger ones. It's also not a good idea to slide heavy furniture or appliances across them. The newer varieties of vinyl flooring are more durable and safe so you can find some incredibly versatile styles to compliment your decor.

 types of flooring

Feel free to share your preferences with your Agent as you begin your home search as they can filter your home tour based on what you like. If you need help finding a fantastic Agent, just let us know and our Concierge can help.

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