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Creating an Accent Wall

Accent walls are an easy (and usually cost-efficient) way to completely upgrade a space. The best part is that you don't have to commit to redoing the entire space — you can put all of your focus on just one wall. Plus, they allow you to get creative by using many different options to achieve a stunning accent wall. Let's get started!

10 Ideas for Accent Walls

1. Paint

A fresh coat of paint can update almost any space so it's no surprise that paint is one of the most popular options for an accent wall. Considering it's one of the cheapest and easiest options, it's a tried and true DIY solution for creating a feature wall. Consider statement colors and don't be afraid to take the colors a bit darker than you would if you were painting the entire room. You can also create patterns or other styles with the help of painter's tape.

painted accent wall

2. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is back and better than ever! With SO many different colors, styles and application options you can't go wrong! There are even options to use pictures or landscapes that create a mural-like look — perfect if your artistic skills are lacking. 😉

wallpaper accent wall

3. Mural

A wall mural is a fantastic way to create an eye-catching accent wall that sets a certain tone for the whole space. It can have minimal elements or be more elaborate based on the look you are trying to achieve. While murals are often seen in nurseries or kids' rooms, don't be afraid to dress up other spaces as well!

mural accent wall

4. Wood

Wood is such a versatile element that can help create the perfect accent wall. Options like shiplap, reclaimed or pallet wood are great for a more rustic feel; while smooth or painted wood will create a cleaner look.

wood accent wall

5. Stone

Although stone can be a more expensive and time-consuming option, it can create quite the statement wall. With many different textures, colors and sizes you can accomplish an elegant design to fit just about any room!

stone fireplace accent wall

6. Brick

You may be lucky enough to already have a brick "accent wall" in your home, but if not don't worry! Brick veneer or even adhesive options can give you a very similar look and feel for much less than you would pay for real brick. Talk about a win!

brick accent wall

7. Shelving

If you'd like to stay away from anything more "permanent" consider creating an accent wall with shelving. Options here are endless as you can choose colors, materials and layout to fit your space. Add a few decorative items and you're all set!

built-in shelving accent wall

8. Pictures/Art

Consider a photo wall collage or a compilation of your favorite artwork to display as an accent wall. Stick to a few key colors for the frames then mix up the sizes and textures.
gallery wall accent wall with art

Tip: Consider planning out your collage on paper or by laying it out on the ground first before you begin hanging everything on the wall.

9. Mirror

Why yes, hanging a statement mirror can count as creating an accent wall. Arguably the least expensive and time-consuming, this option can still make a wall demand attention.

mirror accent wall

10. Mix them up!

Keep in mind that you could use more than one of these options to create an accent wall. For instance painting a wall, adding wood to part of it and then hanging some art would be a great trifecta for an accent wall. We encourage you to get creative with your spaces and accent walls!

Accent walls are such a fun way to upgrade a space in a big way with pretty minimal effort. They also let you experiment with fun colors and designs that you may not have otherwise, since you are only committing to one wall or space. So, if you feel like your space is missing just a little something, we suggest trying an accent wall. Just wait, you may just end up with one in every room before you're done!

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