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Nestiny Ready Report™

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Buying a home can be overwhelming! This can be especially true if you feel unprepared or are afraid to admit that you don't know as much about the home buying process as you would like.

  • Is this your first home? Nestiny has you covered with a guided learning process that walks you through what to expect and how to prepare with interactive tools.
  • Haven't bought recently? No worries! Nestiny can help you freshen up on any topics you may be rusty on... after all, you don't buy a home every day and the rules change!

The Nestiny Ready Report™ gives you an at-a-glance infographic style summary of what you are looking for in your next home, your financial health and affordability. The Ready Report™ can give you an enormous head start before house hunting to save you valuable time and money. You can explore any topics you may be curious about and note those to discuss further with your Real Estate Agent.

My Ready Report™

As you tell us more about you and your home wishlist and budget by completing the Journey Homeward and True Affordability Tool, Nestiny will personalize the Ready Report™ just for you!

Feel free to share your Ready Report™ with your family or Agent as you wish! Simply print a copy of your personalized Ready Report, and when you're ready choose the "Meet for Coffee" icon which lets your Nestiny Agent know you would like to discuss your Ready Report™ with them.

Since you have already taken the first steps to prepare for your homebuying journey and discover what matters most to you, the Ready Report™ will give you and your Agent a huge head start on your house hunting adventure!

Want more advice about all things home — including homebuying or selling advice? Nestiny is a great place for homebuyer education and to help you gauge how ready you are to buy a home. Journey Homeward allows you to enter all your wants and needs while the True Affordability Tool will break down your budget, showing what you can comfortably afford. You will also receive a Ready Report that will give you a vital head start in the home buying journey, saving you valuable time and money.

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