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5 Tips for Handling Negative Comments From Your House Showing

Negative Feedback

1. Don’t put your guard up

It’s human nature to immediately shut-down and become defensive when we get criticized. Four words: Don’t. Take. It. Personally. Try to be as receptive as you can to any helpful feedback after your showing - whether it is good or bad. Remember the goal is to sell your home and people have many opinions about what they like and don’t like as far as home style, design and layout so keep this in mind. Don’t let the buyer's comments about your personal choices weigh too much on you. If they’re comments about structural aspects, there’s not much that can be done but if the comments center around cosmetic touches- remember that it’s just paint or carpet.

2. Don’t dwell on it

Take a deep breath and move on. Holding on to negative criticism can get in your head and hurt your real-estate mojo. If you have concerns, talk to your real estate agent. They are experienced enough to guide you through the emotional ride that selling a home creates. They can provide you constructive ways to work through those emotions by keeping your eye on your goals. Remember, that you are moving on to a new home as well and keep focused on that next chapter to get yourself past any negative thoughts.

3. Get perspective

Shift your point-of-view to try to understand where your negative feedback is coming from. Did the bad 10am showing have anything to do with the couple getting into an argument right beforehand about how much they should be spending? It’s not always about the house they are standing in. The feedback could be the ripple effect of that buyer getting frustrated simply by not finding the home that feels just right as quick as they would like. Shift gears and think about the bigger picture when it comes to why someone may be choosing to react negatively. Try to remember what it was like to be a buyer and how overwhelming it can be — especially if there is a time crunch involved or a competitive local market.

4. Analyze

Before you toss a negative comment to the side, consider the possibility that the criticism could actually help you. Although the ceiling lights or kitchen counters are not as “awful” to you as your feedback may suggest based on their comments, perhaps you can rely on your agent or friends to offer a fresh perspective on whether those lights or kitchen counters could use an update. Your goal is to sell your home for top dollar and in the quickest time possible.

5. Take a tour yourself

Try going outside and walking up to your home as if it were the first time. Is the yard in neat order? Stand on your front porch and look around. Are there cobwebs or chipped paint? (Remember, the buyers will be waiting for the agent to unlock the home there so they have extra time to inspect those areas and are forming their first impressions of how well you have taken care of the home.) Walk through the home room by room and ask if there are personal items you could clear away that might cloud the buyer from feeling like this could be their home. You want them to be able to picture making your home their next home. Make notes and then have a candid conversation with your agent to address any next steps.

Follow these tips and you will be on your way to a more pleasant selling experience!

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