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How Our Agents Are Raving About Nestiny

Fresh features that make your job easier

Realtor sharing Funiversity articles

Shareable Real Estate Content is the place to point your clients to for sound advice. Plus, we take the burden of being a constant content-creator and marketing maven off your plate. With over a hundred articles, games, videos quizzes, and tools, you'll never be at a loss for engaging and helpful content to share.
Realtors contacting Nestiny members

Advertising to Our Members

With over 100,000 (and growing) opt-in members, we're building a whole new channel of more enlightened home buyers and sellers for you. As a member of the Nestiny family, you'll frequently be featured on popular pages of our site that reach new home buyers and sellers in your local market.
Nestiny members taking the Journey Homeward

Educated Leads

We're busy 24/7 getting our members ready to be better clients for you. Our Journey Homeward experience and True Affordability Tool prepare them before you connect so you don't face rework and can engage with them quickly. (And for a 15% referral fee with no extra upfront costs vs. the standard 25%, it's well worth it.)
Realtor and homebuyers during consultation

The Industry's First Digital Buyer Consultation

Built by an agent for agents, Crystallize, Nestiny's digital buyer consultation, educates your future clients in a friendly, impressive and interactive way. Crystallize builds loyalty and captures all the info you'll need to streamline their home search, manage their expectations and it's available to them and on your dashboard 24/7.
Realtor nurturing their referral plant

Email Drip Campaigns

With incredible open rates, Nestiny's automatic email nurture campaigns easily keep you top of mind with your prospects and leads. With a few clicks, our eye-catching and educational content warms them up for tomorrow while giving you more time to work with your most motivated clients today.
Realtor preparing for an open house with Nestiny

Open House Kiosk

Collect information the moment you meet a prospective buyer. While you focus on the open house, Nestiny invites them to your impressive Nestiny experience and adds them to your contacts automatically. No more deciphering handwriting and prospects falling through the cracks.

All for a low price that's easy on your wallet

Monthly PlanBilled once a month$60.00    $49.00$99 setup fee
Nestiny for Agents has email drip campaigns for your potential homebuyers
Annual PlanBilled once a year$600.00    $444.00$99 setup fee

Embrace the future of real estate with us!

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Enjoy this preview of Nestiny for Agents!

My Homeroom screenshot

My Homeroom

Start every day in My Homeroom and see which of your prospects are closer to home purchase, view valuable insights to grow your business and more! This is where you will also find the main menu to the many other Nestiny for Agents' features.

Crystallize screenshot


This dashboard is where you easily turn your face-to-face buyer consultations into an interactive and more engaging experience for you and your prospect. Crystallize impresses them and saves you time prepping for your meeting and documenting your notes after.

My Connections screenshot

My Connections

Load up your contacts and Nestiny leads in your Connections so they receive automated Nestiny drip email nurture campaigns. Here you can also edit their info and with our 'Shortcuts', see who is closer to home purchase or ready for an extra touch from you!

Agent Shareable Goodies screenshot

Shareable Goodies

Shareable Goodies is your social media content solution! Tap into our trustworthy, engaging content, games and tools and boost your digital presence on your own website and social media channels. Also, grab and share your customized Nestiny badge and URL to give your social media fans and website visitors access to's educational content.

Agent Selection screenshot

Advertise to Our Members

Don't be left out! As a Nestiny agent, our members from your area will see your smiling face, learn about your expertise and then choose you as their agent! Moments after they ask to connect, you'll have their contact info, as well as access to their Nestiny Ready Report full of insights like family structure, reasons for moving, home preferences, credit health and more.

Client Experience Tour

Step into your clients' shoes and see how they'll experience Nestiny courtesy of you!

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