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Why Nestiny.com works

140,000 members are our proof. Now you can co-brand our system to work for you.

  • Journey Homeward
  • True Affordability Tool
  • Ready Report
  • Funiversity
buyer/seller and agent flywheel
  • Asks your clients simple questions about their location, family, home size and other needs to create their home wish list and plan for their home journey
  • Even though sharing this information is optional, the majority of our members share over 25 pieces of data about their moving plans and home wishlist with us to get prepared.
  • Your clients discover their ideal price range while figuring out how much they can afford
  • Warms up your clients to the financial aspects of owning a home so they are more informed before sending them to a lender to streamline house-hunting
  • You and your clients share access to a handy, infographic-style summary of what they are looking for in their next home, their personal readiness and financial health.
  • Updates real time as your clients make changes so you stay in the know and can tailor their home search quickly.
  • Hundreds of co-branded articles, videos and games - point your clients to your Nestiny site for expert advice to keep them on track.
  • Takes the burden of being a constant content-creator and marketing maven off your plate.

The biggest game changer for Agents!

Built by an Agent for Agents, our system works to attract buyers and sellers to your co-branded Nestiny, which always ties them back to you:

  • Captivate your prospects with a guided journey
  • Solve your social media headache
  • Capture and delight every prospect
  • Rock your face-to-face meetings
  • Stay on top of your hectic schedule
  • Unlock powerful insights for faster sales
  • And more!

Co-Branded Nestiny Site

Share co-branded Nestiny’s tools & content
  • Educate buyers and sellers with a fun & personalized guided journey
  • Nurture your prospects from “just curious” to serious and find out what matters to them most in a modern way
  • Build loyalty with your prospects!
  • Use Nestiny for Agents' features, including your co-branded link and website badge to drive traffic to your Nestiny

Expert, Shareable Content

Share co-branded content to attract prospects to your Nestiny
  • Ready-made content that’s trustworthy, engaging and helpful
  • Quick and easy to share on relevant social media platforms
  • With over a hundred articles, games, videos, quizzes, and tools created by an agent, you'll never be at a loss for engaging and helpful content to share
  • Boost your digital presence on your own website & social media channels
  • Take the burden of being a constant content-creator and marketing maven off your plate

Automatic Email Nurture Campaigns

Nurture prospects to stay top of mind and bring them back to your Nestiny
  • Just a few clicks to add your connections to your email nurture campaign
  • Eye-catching & educational content automatically delivered every 9 days
  • Truly easy and designed to set it and forget it!
  • Never let your contacts slip through the cracks again and stay top of mind with your prospects and leads.

Crystallize Digital Buyer Consultation

Impress new clients with your Nestiny
  • Use the industry's 1st Digital Buyer Consultation for your meetings
  • Built by an Agent for Agents, Crystallize, educates your future clients in a friendly, impressive and interactive way.
  • Build loyalty & capture all the info you'll need to streamline the home search
  • Customized Ready Reports are available to you and your prospects 24/7
  • Save time prepping for your meeting and documenting your notes after

Forget Me Notz Reminder Tool

Stay on top of your to-dos with your Nestiny
  • The only reminder tool designed just for Real Estate Agents
  • Organize your hectic schedule while staying focused on your overall goals
  • Quickly add reminders for your next 10 days
  • Never miss a deadline, meeting or important to-do again
  • Improve your productivity while making your job easier
  • Receive reminder alerts by text or email, your choice!

My Homeroom Dashboard

Know who to reach out to next thanks to your Nestiny
  • Insights to better manage your outreach and business
  • Get alerts about your prospects' activities on Nestiny.com - if they share their wants for their next home, timing, or price range, you'll know!
  • Your Nestiny suggests actionable tasks for you based on your prospects’ activity
  • Grow as an agent in Agent Funiversity

More Features You’ll Love

Attract more prospects to your Nestiny!
  • Digital Open House Kiosk
    Invite your guests to your Nestiny with our digital guest book (no extra charge!)
  • Connections Contact Database
    Add new contacts to invite connections to your Nestiny, organize your contacts, and know who is ready for an extra touch from you
  • Agent Flair Print Marketing
    Customizable & impressive print marketing collateral for purchase to promote your Nestiny
  • Meet Nestiny Members
    Bonus feature: Get noticed by buyers and sellers 24/7 - as a member of the Nestiny family, you’ll be featured on popular pages of Nestiny.com (140,000 opt-in members, and growing) in your local market
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