FAQ for the Nestiny Referral Program

  • How does this work?
  • When a Nestiny Member from your area (based on the zip codes you enter on the application) is ready to choose an Agent, they will be presented to Agents in their area. They will see your photo and be given the opportunity to select you as their preferred Agent.

    Moments after they ask to connect with you and you have agreed to the Referral, you'll have all that you need to immediately make contact via their preferred method.

    You'll have access to the results of their digital buyer consultation on Nestiny— what we call their "Journey Homeward"— in the form of a Nestiny "Ready Report". This infographic style report includes the contact info they shared, their family structure, reasons for moving, home preferences, credit health, etc.

    • What happens if I'm approved?
    • After you apply and are approved to join Nestiny's Agent Referral Network, you'll receive a link to your Agent Dashboard. You'll be asked to upload a photo and add your broker and brokerage information, which makes you eligible to receive referrals from Nestiny! When a member in your area is ready to choose an Agent, you have the opportunity to be selected!

    • How much does it cost?
    • There is no upfront charge to join our Referral Network. It's just a 25% referral fee upon a successful closing with one of our Nestiny Members.

    • Is there a subscription fee too?
    • No, not at all. We do have a separate offering that is a paid solution called Nestiny for Agents. You are welcome to consider this platform to better attract and nurture your prospects, but subscribing is not required to join our Referral Network. More information about Nestiny for Agents can be found here: www.nestiny.com/agents

    • What is Nestiny?
    • Nestiny is a destination website built by an Agent for Agents and their Clients, changing the way people learn about real estate online. Nestiny.com is a trustworthy place where home buyers and sellers have been flocking for reliable, easy-to-understand answers about all things real estate.

      It's a well-designed, friendly site full of curated advice on topics including how to choose an Agent, mortgage loans, credit scores, title insurance, types of offers, and more. Home buyers and sellers can read up, play games, watch videos, and learn about how much home they can afford. And best of all, when they are ready, they can connect with a great Agent — that's you!

      Learn more about why we created Nestiny in this message from our Founder.

    • Where are your referrals coming from?
    • Our referrals come from our website at www.Nestiny.com where consumers are taking their time to prepare and plan for their real estate journey. Our referrals are permission-based, which means our Members choose to connect with an Agent if and only when they are ready to take next steps.

    • What makes our Nestiny Members so different than other leads I might get from other sources?
    • Nestiny Members are a special kind of consumer. They are investing their time to learn about all things real estate; what to expect on their journey, how much they can potentially afford and more. In other words, they're doing all the right things to be a more informed consumer. They are eager to use technology as a way to communicate and prepare for big life decisions.

      Also, unlike other lead sources, we only refer our Members when they ask us to connect them with an expert in their local area. Each Member is referred to only one Agent in our network. We do our best to ensure the quality is high — that's why we have a double-verified, Member-initiated process for our Members to complete before we'll create a Referral.

    • What is Nestiny's philosophy about referrals?
    • At Nestiny, it's our mission to connect our educated Members with caring and nurturing Agents who are willing to pick up right where Nestiny leaves off and help them finish their real estate journey.

      We send each Referral Offer to only one Agent in our network, and do so only when one of our Members has asked us to connect them with an expert in their local area. Sometimes they choose an Agent directly from Nestiny and sometimes they ask us to choose for them. We do our best to ensure the quality is high — that's why we have a double-verified process for our Members to complete before we'll create a Referral.

      If you're approved for the Nestiny Agent Referral Network, you'll be in prime position to be introduced to one of our Members. And as we grow, we want to remain aligned with stellar Agents who understand that just because we live in a digital age, that doesn't mean nurturing people on a personal level isn't possible. If anything, Nestiny makes this easier!

    • What is your vetting process for buyers or sellers?
    • Our Members go through our guided experience that asks them more than 200 optional questions about their home wish list, their goals, motivation and financial readiness and educates them about the process along the way. Our Members are taking the time to qualify themselves, with a majority of our Members sharing information with us on more than 50% of our questions... simply because they enjoy the personalized experience we've created to help them.

      As for our referrals, we do our best to ensure the quality is high and that's why we have a double-verified process for our Members to complete before we will make a Referral. They are electing to take the next steps and ask to be connected with an Agent.

    • What type of contact information for the referral will I receive?
    • Aside from the contact info you will receive on our Referral Agreement once you've agreed, you will also receive our unique Ready Report. A Nestiny Ready Report is an infographic-style summary of our Member's suggested price ranges and home wish list, including their desired time frame and location. We want to make life easier for our Members and Agents by streamlining the process. That's why we created the Ready Report — so you could quickly get up to speed on what your new prospect wants in their next home without wasting their time or yours!

    • How many Agents receive Nestiny referrals at one time?
    • We only offer a Referral to one Agent at a time in our Member's desired location. Sometimes they choose an Agent directly from Nestiny and sometimes they ask us to choose for them. However, if the Referral is not accepted and agreed to quickly by the Agent, we reserve the right to offer the Referral to another Agent.

      Our Referrals are time sensitive and we do not want to keep the Member waiting unnecessarily. Sometimes a Member is considering a move to a few towns due to a possible relocation or crossing state lines for that metro area and in those cases, we may offer the Referral to multiple Agents who are properly licensed to help them in those desired locations.

    • What is Nestiny for Agents?
    • Nestiny for Agents is a brand-new channel for Agents, allowing Agents to take advantage of the educational content on Nestiny.com by providing you with a personalized version of the site, co-branded with your name, photo and bio. The complete system gives you access to easy-to-use tools to help share your Nestiny site and drive prospects to you (and only you!) including:

      • Shareable content
      • Automatic email nurture
      • Digital buyer consultation
      • Agent reminder tool
      • Digital guest book
      • Easy-to-use contact database
      • Insights about your pipeline

      For information about Nestiny for Agents, visit www.nestiny.com/agents

    • How many Agents do you have in my area?
    • We are consistently adding Agents to our national network to keep up with our Member's requests to connect with local experts. However, as we are a newer platform, it's still possible for you to be one of the first Agents in your town to be featured on Nestiny.

    • How many closings did you have in 2017?
    • While we don't disclose details about our closings, we are proud to say that we have more and more successful closings each year and our mission is to create happier homeowners everywhere.

    • How often will I have to give you updates?
    • We will contact you by text to check the progress of your referral within the first 24 hours to ensure you've been able to make contact with them and then periodically thereafter. We have an incredibly easy, digital system for giving us status feedback in a couple clicks.

    • What if I'm on vacation or traveling out of town and not available to take referrals during a certain time period?
    • Just alert clientcare@nestiny.com of your travel dates when you'll be unavailable to take referrals and we can change your vacation settings to automatically place you back in rotation once you're back at work.