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Winter is coming - Nestiny helps Agents prepare for the future

As you are likely aware, real estate markets operate in cycles. The pendulum swings with the economy from a sellers’ market to a balanced market and then to a buyers’ market and then back again. This means that as agents, every few years we have to adjust to the changing tides and adapt our businesses accordingly.

We’ve been in a pretty bustling sellers’ market throughout most of the country for the last couple of years. That’s a welcome relief for those of us who rode out the real estate drought created by the Great Recession just a few years ago.

It’s easy to let memories fade into your rear view mirror. Memories of homes sitting on the market for months, volatile drops in home values, short sales, foreclosures and the mortgage crisis. And we all know those were incredibly challenging times, especially if you were a full time agent trying to survive.

I experienced this first hand. Transactions that were a day or two away from closing crumbled due to private mortgage insurance going away. Debt-to-income ratio thresholds shifted and appraisal issues killed other deals. Ugh. Those were tough times and I can’t say I miss them.

Good, viable leads were very hard to come by. Every deal required enormous elbow grease to get across the finish line. Your database (the “D” word) really, really mattered.

And while we’re currently experiencing the glory days of a vibrant real estate market, the tides will turn again. Some economists are predicting a correction in the not too distant future.

real estate market trends

This time, we want to make sure agents are ready.

This is why we’re hoping that you won’t forget how important nurturing your prospects and clients NOW will help prop up your business when times get tough.

In busy markets, many agents tend to focus on the clients who will be ready to buy or sell in the next 60–90 days. We know that agents are incredibly busy right now and it’s challenging to stay on top of nurturing anyone who isn’t currently in-market.

But I would implore you to immediately change your attitude about this mindset!

We need to make sure that we latch onto every potential opportunity and look at everyone we meet with open eyes. It’s not just about filling your “now” pipeline, you need to stack the deck in your favor and build a sustainable “future” pipeline.

This all trues back to building a highly engaged audience for yourself before winter comes.

It’s too easy to let opportunities slip through the cracks. We’ve had conversations with agents who said, “they won’t be ready to buy until next year.” Or they said, “they’re working on their credit.”

Okay. So what? Are you just going to drop them like a hot potato because you’re busy now and risk that they become loyal to another agent who takes the time to nurture them? Aren’t you going to need clients next year? I think the answer is an obvious “yes”.

What happens when the market shifts? Are you going to be back out in the wild desperately hunting for new clients?

What if you had a better way to capture and engage your prospects with a friendly, helpful experience that will help keep them on track until they are ready to work with you? And what if it were easy for you to set up?

Let’s play out the following scenario. You’re constantly on the go holding open houses, attending networking events, at the dog park and meeting people all over town. Some people you encounter are potentially great future clients. You jot down their info and maybe even exchange business cards. Perfect!

But then you get busy. All good intentions of keeping in touch with them fly out the window. Guess how often you touch base with them. Barely ever? Never? You’re not alone.

This is exactly what Nestiny can help you with.

Instead, imagine that everyone you meet is a grey, unpolished stone. A diamond in the rough. You’re out eagerly gathering up stones wherever you go planning to add them to your “D” word (database).

Now picture Nestiny as a giant rock tumbler (the kind some of us played with as kids). Nestiny is always “on”. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s always working for you, whirring and turning. You toss your “stones” in Nestiny and then go back to doing what you do best.

Meanwhile, Nestiny is gently buffing and polishing every stone you’ve entrusted us with. We keep you in front of all of your prospects through email nurture campaigns, educational content, helpful tools and fun games. We make you look good without any heavy-lifting on your part. And better yet, no stone falls through the cracks.

Now imagine as time progresses some of these stones start to emerge out of Nestiny’s rock tumbler as amethysts, sapphires, garnets and sparkling diamonds!

We help you know who to focus your time on next by prioritizing your pipeline for you. Hooray!

The fact is, some will remain in the hopper as unpolished stones who are not ready to become homeowners yet. But others are ready and we find them for you. Can you see how magically powerful this can be?

It’s truly “set it and forget it!” And we’ll alert you of any activity that signals the potential readiness of a client. This way you’ll know when to engage and offer your expert advice.

Our approach to nurturing is way different than every other “system” you may have encountered. We take an all-encompassing approach with an experience built specifically for consumers.

Every graphic on our site, every article we write, every tool and game we create is designed in-house by our team. Our email nurture campaigns are not of the cookie-cutter variety either. They have twice the open rate of other email platforms due to the original content, graphics and videos that keep your clients engaged.

So let’s declare together, “No more hunting in the wild for new clients”. Let us take this burden off of your plate. You can easily take advantage of Nestiny to help you maximize your opportunities by identifying the sparkling gems hiding in your database. And as we keep growing nationally, we can help introduce you to our members who are ready to connect with great local agents who match their needs!

It’s not just about saving time and money. It’s a new approach. A philosophy on how to run your business. Adopting a belief that each and every potential client should be nurtured and cared for until they’re ready to become a homeowner will help you create a sustainable, flourishing business that can easily weather any economic downturn.

And just because winter is coming doesn’t mean that your wallet has to ice over. Perhaps the glow of some sparkling client “gems” already loyal to you will do wonders to help you stay nice and toasty when the market cools.

That’s our belief. Maybe it can be yours also. 😀

Until next time,
Jody Rotman
Founder & CEO, Nestiny

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