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"Why Nestiny?" A Message from our Founder

As a real estate agent who began my career during the Great Recession (Hooray on timing! LOL), I know how precious every potential lead or new prospect can be. And I also know firsthand how unbelievably busy an agent’s life can become.

There’s the constant juggling between taking care of your clients, your family and yourself right? Add to that the constant demands of an ever-ringing phone, an email inbox and text threads ready to explode and the inbound requests from the public to show homes, answer questions and give advice. It’s no wonder agents dream of vacations. 😉

Realtors are constantly juggling.

And if that wasn’t enough, as an agent you’re tasked with being your own primary source of finding new clients, cultivating your relationships and finally mentoring them to be ready to eventually buy or sell a home. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It’s easy for the outside world to look at a real estate agent’s role and think “I can do that” or “that seems easy” or “agents are overpaid”... but the devil is always in the details.

Unless they’ve walked the walk of being a full time agent they have no room to talk. We work hard to help people but the reality is that being an agent is what we do to make a living. We have to pay all our expenses, handle all of our administrative tasks, market ourselves, drive all over town, stay available to clients and much more. It’s not as easy as people think!

Why Agents get into Real Estate

So let’s true back to the common reasons why most of us got in real estate to begin with.

We wanted to help people make their dream home a reality. We were passionate about real estate. We wanted to guide and mentor people about their biggest life purchase. And most agents will agree that, there’s nothing more satisfying and rewarding (and worth all the pain) than handing a family a set of keys to their new castle!

The truth is, in all our hurry and scurry to be great real estate agents it’s easy to lose sight of why we entered the business to start.

Let me just say this out loud:

It’s all about them. It always has been and always should be. By “them” I mean current AND future clients. And in order to do the best job you can to support and facilitate their dreams, you have to always stay empathetic to their goals and timing.

Patience is important. Caring is essential. And staying top of mind while doing all this is super challenging these days. But it’s more important than ever to be nurturing.

Tides always turn. Always. We may be in a hot sales market right now but it won’t be this way forever. So if you’re busy only worrying about the “here and now” and not giving any thought to how you can reliably and easily stay in front of your future clients you’re making a fatal business mistake. If you haven’t weathered a recession in real estate yet please take heed. The time to be building relationships with your potential prospects is now!

Open your eyes to all opportunities. As agents, we should “stop selling and start helping!” This means you should take the call from someone who can only rent right now because their life could change and they could buy later. Don’t discard a potential client because they aren’t ready or able to buy in the next 90 days.

It’s so much easier to nurture prospects and establish a strong relationship with them than it is to raise your head up after a busy spell and have to hunt in the wild for new clients. Invite them into your world so they can start to get to know you, your work ethic and how your priority is taking care of them. Riding the “commission roller coaster” isn’t fun so why not avoid it?

We should all be thinking about our business more long term and holistically. We are advisors, counselors and experts in our field. We have a lot of knowledge to give to our clients but only a limited number of hours to work each day, so we need focus on maximizing our productivity.

Why Jody Rotman started Nestiny.

This leads me to the “so what”:

I created Nestiny to help YOU.

I was tired of my clients being confused by bad online advice or by looking at homes before they even knew what they wanted. This created rework for me and undue stress and disappointment for them.

I grew tired of all the sales calls from lead gen and real estate CRM companies and their lofty promises about the benefits of their expensive products. Not only did they over promise and under deliver, their tools took way too much time to learn. I didn’t even have time to eat dinner at a decent hour anymore, so how on Earth could I squeeze in learning yet another tool?

I also wanted a better way to nurture my prospects and clients and have them engage with me so that I could build a loyal following. I was tired of opportunities falling through the cracks and of flying blind not knowing who in my database was in market and might need my help.

After struggling to get a handle on these issues, I worked on perfecting a better way for us all that put our clients first. Once I figured it out, it wasn’t long before I surrendered to the siren call and built Nestiny to stop the madness.

The epiphany that truly changed everything for me came from the realization that at the end of the day we’re really in the education business. Did you realize that? When I did, I was knee-deep in clients and wasn’t sure how to flip into this mode of thinking. I knew I wanted to figure out a solution, but not just for myself. I saw my fellow agent peers going through the same struggles day in and day out, so why not solve the problem for everyone?

So fast forward to today and you can see the fruits of not only my labor but also from my amazingly talented and mission-focused team. And moreso, Nestiny’s heartbeat of empowering consumers is not possible without YOU.

We give you a better way to build a highly engaged audience that actually cares to hear from you. You’ll be at the center of providing clarity to what they see as a very complicated process. You’ll look snazzy to future clients through a 24/7 digital presence which highlights how valuable you can be to their success. Our tools help you collaborate and connect with your clients digitally and we’ve made it super easy to use because we know you’re slammed.

And we can help introduce you to new clients in your local market you probably haven’t met! We’re building a new channel chock full of motivated and educated clients and we connect them with fabulous agents who share our mindset of nurturing and building relationships.

We’ve just crossed 140,000 members (and growing rapidly), so as Nestiny keeps growing, more and more of our members will raise their hands and want to connect with one of our fabulous agents. We’re about making a meaningful one-to-one connection. No more elbowing each other for new clients. We let the consumer choose.

Nestiny is always free to consumers and it’s the safe and hassle-free zone for them to learn at their pace and convenience. The site is already great for you to point your clients to as a safe resource and we’re busy building out additional tools, games, videos and articles, but hopefully this note gives you the hint about who we are.

Your next client may already be on Nestiny and your existing clients could benefit from the insightful education that we offer to keep them on track. So we appreciate your support for what we believe is our noble mission: To provide a fresh, modern and smarter way to build sustainable relationships between great clients and stellar agents.

We hope you'll join us on this incredible journey! We appreciate you (agents!) more than anyone can ever know. 😀

Jody Rotman
Founder & CEO, Nestiny

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