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What is Nestiny?

Buyers and sellers are already online and looking to learn about real estate and Nestiny for Agents helps you connect with them when they are still early in the process. So you may be asking yourself, what is Nestiny?

A little background

Nestiny was created by Jody Rotman, an Agent just like you. She started her business in 2007 and much like you, she was doing her best to keep up with her clients’ needs and struggling to find the time and the right ways to market herself to attract new clients.

Like most agents, she tried everything… took lead generation classes, bought expensive CRMs, spent tons of money on fancy print ads and bought online leads from the big portals.

...but nothing really solved her problems leaving her spiraling in a state of frustration and stress.

And the Internet really didn’t make her job any easier. Many of her clients got excited about houses online first without even knowing if they could afford them or what was involved in the process. She often felt like she had to re-educate her clients to get them back on track.

She decided there had to be a better way.

All about Nestiny

In 2015, Jody and her team launched It’s a site designed to attract, educate and nurture prospects as it guides them through the process of buying and selling, empowering consumers with a better alternative online and helping agents become more efficient. is an online educational experience filled with games, tools, videos, quizzes and articles. Visitors can learn about home styles, the financial process, about appraisals, inspections and of course all the real estate jargon that can be so confusing.

And two of the coolest tools on are the Journey Homeward™ and the True Affordability Tool™. By using these two tools, prospects are able to create their home wishlist and calculate their home budget and have it all summarized in something we call a Ready Report™. This report also gives the prospect a better idea of how much they can really afford by revealing 3 estimated price ranges.

This short video explains what Nestiny is — put yourself in your clients shoes and come along with Joy and Troy as they navigate their real estate journey.

You can use Nestiny to show your prospects that you are the authority in your local market… and that you will be there for them when they are ready.

Our goal is to help Agents focus on the right people at the right time by providing better insights. With Nestiny, you never have to worry about losing a lead again!

Educate and qualify your leads with Nestiny!

Chat with a Growth Strategist now.

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