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Is social media keeping you up at night?

For Real Estate Agents, social media is no longer a ‘nice to have.’

real estate social media

One out of three people (32%) in the home buying market are Millennials, who don’t know life without social media. Many agents and real estate professionals are using social media - but the industry overall has very low engagement rates.

This means that Agents don’t have a problem creating posts, but finding good content that calls their fans to engage -to like, share, comment, click through, send a message, etc.

Are you experiencing this challenge? You’re not alone.

The Secret to Engaging Posts

The trick is to limit the posts that are all about you and deliver content that is more about them.

Did you know that 70% of real estate clients forget their agents after one year? We think that is a startling fact.

A great way to help your clients remember you is to create a memorable experience. On social media, it’s a good idea to create posts that are geared towards what they care about.

Check out some examples of posts that are about you vs. them:

Posts about YOU

  • Advertising that you're an agent
  • Advertising your listings
  • Advertising your closings
  • Advertising your open houses
  • Advertising your company

Posts about THEM

  • Local events, charities, landmarks, things to do
  • Lifestyle content
  • Real estate content that focuses on their needs (understanding the process, appraisals, inspections, etc.)
  • Contests and giveaways with prizes that they want
  • Tools to help them with their home transaction
  • Sharing stories or anecdotes about your day in the life as an agent (yes, this can be about you!)

realtor social media tips

See the difference?

Try creating more social media posts in the "Posts about THEM" category to boost your engagement. If you're already seeing success doing so, we love to hear about posts and contests that create a lot of engagement! What's working for you?

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