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How's your Curb Appeal? An Agent's Guide to Writing a Bio

As an Agent, you often advise Sellers on how to make a great first impression. Freshen paint, clean up the curb appeal, remove the clutter. Yet many don’t realize that they are missing their chance to make their own great first impression… with their Bio!

In today’s market, many consumers start looking for guidance or homes online. This means that as an Agent, your introduction will be made through your online bio. But take a quick peek through or some of your fellow Agent’s Facebook profiles and notice how few have taken the time to make that welcoming first impression. Many Agents find it uncomfortable to write about themselves, so here are a few tips to help update “your curb appeal”.


  1. Tell your story. When a potential client reads your bio, they are not only looking to see if you have what it takes to do a good job for them but they are also deciding if they want to spend time with you. So this is your chance to show them that you have what it takes AND build a personal connection. Some things to consider:
    • Why did you get into real estate?
    • Why are you passionate about working with clients?
    • Who or what influenced and inspired you to join this business?
    • What motivates you daily?
  2. Show off your skills. Create confidence in your expertise as an Agent by sharing details such as:
    • Years of experience (if you are new, what experience do you have that prepared you for this business)
    • How many transactions you’ve closed
    • How many families you’ve helped
    • Awards or additional credentials you’ve earned
    • Boards or committees you’ve served on
  3. Discuss your community involvement. This is your opportunity (especially if you don’t have a lot of professional experience) to prove that you know your market and are connected to the community.
    • Are you a native resident? If not, what made you “fall in love” with your new hometown?
    • What are your favorite things to do in your neighborhood?
    • Do you volunteer, support, coach or have children that are involved in local activities?
    • Are you a member in any local organizations?
  4. Include a Professional photo. Not only will you build a positive visual connection but you will also show your new client that you will provide the same care in marketing their home!
  5. Keep it short and sweet. Your bio should only be 2–3 paragraphs (200–300 words) and written in an easy-to-read, standard font.
  6. Show some personality! People want to work with someone they like and with whom they feel connected. Don’t be afraid to include family photos, hobbies and other fun facts. Most importantly... be authentic and sincere.
  7. Write in the 3rd person. But feel free to add some personal quotes.
  8. Be sure to edit!!! Attention to detail is critical in building confidence in your ability to handle one of their biggest transactions of their life!
  9. Provide clear contact info including social media links when possible.
  10. Include testimonials. Your bio is a great place to drop a quick testimonial — providing social proof of your expertise is a perfect way to build trust.
  11. Keep your bio up to date. A lot can change in 6 months so make sure you update your bio semi-annually.


Whether you are a seasoned Agent or new to the industry, your bio is your opportunity to stand out in the crowd. We’ve included a couple templates to get you started but encourage you to inject lots of flavor so that your next client can see why they are going to love working with you!

[Your name] has a passion for real estate, and helping clients achieve [X goals]. [He/she/they] have been a licensed realtor for [number of years] and a top-performing agent at [your agency].

[Your name] has dedicated [number of years] helping clients buy and sell property with [insert sales statistics]. [He/she/they] have extensive knowledge and experience in [your region/market].

In [his/her/their] free time, [your name] participates in [club, society, volunteer group] and enjoys [your hobbies].

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