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The One Mistake That's Killing Your Business

Stop sending clients away from you!

In this day and age, most savvy agents know that the only way to really build your own brand and awareness is to stay relevant and top of mind. Most marketing experts would agree that this means you need to be ADDING VALUE consistently by being helpful to ultimately guide your future clients into your capable arms.

educate your clients

You may have heard this before so we'll say it again — you can add value by educating your clients. How on Earth are you going to do that in an incredibly fast-paced world where everyone is already online seeking information? By sharing helpful content with your clients about all things real estate. That's how.

Many of you are already doing this, but did you know you are most likely making one terrible mistake?

You're finding real estate content like articles and videos anywhere you can find it on the Internet. Great, right? Not so fast. When you share just any content you find with your clients — you're sending your clients away to other sites like HGTV, Zillow, Trulia, news and home sites!

Common Realtor Mistake

Yes, you are sending them AWAY from you. We know how distracted people can get so once they leave your social media page or website, they are very likely to get distracted by other things or worse — other real estate agents. Sending prospects away from you is a surefire way to blow your chance at building loyalty with them.

Nestiny's Funiversity solves all of this.

Funiversity offers you a way to control the content you share, without spending countless hours writing and curating it yourself! It's chock-full of articles, videos and quizzes to help today's consumers learn about all things real estate — and all of our content is written in-house by our real estate experts who are former and current agents. Our eye-catching content is easy-to-consume and simplifies the complicated and often scary experience of buying or selling a home... Basically Funiversity covers all the important topics without overwhelming them.

Nestiny's Funiversity

As a Premium Nestiny for Agents subscriber, you have access to what we call Shareable Goodies. From there, you can quickly share helpful, co-branded content in two clicks to your social media! Or you can copy your personalized link to share with clients directly via text or email. Every time you share a piece of content out, anyone who clicks is brought back to your private version of Nestiny. We call it "content with a catch".

You can trust that our almost 200 articles, videos, quizzes, tools and games will safely guide your clients, give you incredible insights about their wants and needs and warm them up so they are getting ready to work with you!

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