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Techniques, Scripts and Tips for Generating FSBO Leads

A FSBO is a "For Sale by Owner" home in real estate speak. Targeting a homeowner who is trying to sell their home on their own without professional assistance can represent the opportunity to acquire a great new listing.

FSBO Leads

Here are a few techniques to help you find FSBO listings with the goal of gaining more promising seller prospects in your local market:

  • Search Facebook Marketplace and Facebook groups for FSBO posts
  • Scour your local newspaper
  • Visit and their “Make Me Move” listings in your area
  • Check out under housing, real estate-by owner
  • Look up homes that are already listed on and check against tax records
  • Search for other free sites that offer sellers the opportunity to advertise their home for sale

FSBO Sales Script Advice

After finding some local FSBO listings, it's now time to reach out and connect with the homeowners. We recommend using a script for your first conversation. Having a script helps you keep focus and direction as you navigate through your phone (or in-person) conversations. Always remember to remain natural while talking with the homeowners. Let the conversation flow smoothly. The last thing you want to sound like is a salesperson.

When you have a homeowner on the phone, your goal is to schedule an in-person appointment or find out when they are having an open house. If they are having an open house, try to go when it's wrapping up so that you have their attention.

Once you schedule an appointment, be on time and be helpful instead of salesy. Walk through their home, ask questions, and figure out why it hasn’t sold for them. Give advice about what they can do to make their home stand out, what marketing materials they can use, sign in sheets to use at open houses so they can follow up with those who walk through their home, etc. Listen as they speak. Perhaps they had bad experiences with agents in the past, or perhaps they are going through a divorce or financial hardship. Always be genuine and have solutions to overcome their objections.

Follow up regularly. Deliver helpful information or articles, and do a free market analysis for them. Keep adding value for them. You don’t necessarily have to ask for the listing. Just stay persistent and don’t give up on contacting them. Stay top of mind so when they are ready to list with an agent, they will call you. You want to prove that the smart thing to do is list with a professional who can handle the entire process, knows other professionals to help complete the transaction, and also knows the guidelines and laws in dealing with the transaction.

FSBO Scripts

#1 Script for making calls — Appointment or Open House

Hi! My name is __________ and I am a real estate agent with __________. I noticed you have your house on the market. Are you the homeowner? [Wait for them to say yes] Awesome, I like to stay on top of the local market — my goal is to know about all of the homes for sale in the area for the buyers I am working with, so I was wondering if I could preview your home?

Note: If they are having an open house, they will tell you. If they invite you, respond with, I would love to but I am having an open house for my seller, could I come over after? We recommend you do this so that you are the only one there to get their full attention.

The goal at this point is to set the appointment. Once you have scheduled the appointment, transition into qualifying questions.

Awesome, I will see you _________ at _________. And let me ask you this, if you don’t mind. Where do you plan on moving once this house sells? [Make small talk.] Oh, that’s exciting! What brings you there? How soon do you have to move?

Out of curiosity, how long will you continue to try to sell on your own before you begin interviewing agents? [Wait for answer] I can appreciate that. While I am walking through your home I would love the opportunity to offer ideas and strategies to get your home sold whether you choose to work with me or not.

And what marketing strategies have you been trying? How many calls have you received from buyers since you have listed yourself? How many calls from agents? And how many showings have you had? Of these, have you had any offers?

If there is a point in the call that you can find common ground, take advantage of that and build rapport. If you were born in the area they are looking to move; if you are divorced and they are going through a divorce; if you both have kids in the same school, etc. Find something to bond over. Build relationships.

Then ask: By the way, I’d love to know why you decided to sell your home yourself. Agree with them and have a response ready to overcome their reason for not working with an Agent.

Time to wrap up your conversation: How did you determine your list price? [Wait for answer] Nice, well I would love to do a market analysis on your property that I will briefly go over when I am there walking through. We can then see how your price compares to the market expectations. I look forward to seeing you _______ at _______!

FSBO Sales Scripts for Real Estate Agents

#2 Script for making calls — Buyer

Hi! My name is __________ and I am a real estate agent with __________. I noticed you have your house on the market. Are you the homeowner? [Wait for them to say yes] Awesome, I have a buyer looking in your area and your price range. Would you mind if I came by and previewed it for them?

Then, transition into the qualifying questions above.

#3 Script for making calls — Commission

This one works best if you call right when the home hits the market. It's best to be the first agent to make contact, especially in a hot market. Most of the time when someone tries to sell FSBO, commission is a top reason. Getting the conversation started early has advantages, just don’t be pushy and remain positive and available. It may take weeks for a response. Be sure to follow up with them to remain top of mind. And hang in there — most other agents will tire out and give up after just a few weeks. It's a long game.

Hi! My name is __________ and I am a real estate agent with __________. I noticed you have your house on the market. Are you the homeowner? [Wait for them to say yes] Awesome, if I could show you how you can net what you need after our fees, would you be willing to list with me?

If they seem open but aren't sure:

You don’t have to decide right now, but what means more to you, selling your home yourself or pocketing as much as possible at closing? [Wait for them to choose the latter] Then let’s set a time for me to come by and discuss a marketing plan with you so we can see if we can get the money you need. There’s no obligation to list with me, but I am confident I have the skill and experience to get your home sold quick and for top dollar. Are you free ______ at _____? After setting an appointment, transition into qualifying questions.

If they say:

We don’t want to work with a Realtor: I can appreciate that. I don’t blame you! But let me ask, if I had a buyer for your home and it sold, where would you go next? And transition into qualifying questions.

Do you actually have a buyer? I very well might, I would have to see your property first. I am going to be in the area: _____ at _____ or _____ at ______. Which works best for you?

Then, transition into qualifying questions.

For Sale By Owner Agent Leads

Tips for your appointment

While walking through the home, find out or ask:

  • How many beds/baths? How much square footage?
  • What condition is the flooring, walls, structure, lighting, etc.?
  • Have you changed anything in the home since you purchased it? Made any upgrades? (In particular, the kitchen and bathrooms.)
  • Is there an in-law suite? Garage? Outbuildings?
  • What is the size of the lot? Is there a front yard, back yard? Are they fenced?
  • What are the ages and condition of the major utilities? Are there any maintenance issues?
  • Is it well/public water? Septic/sewer? Gas/electric?
  • Are there any fireplaces, what condition are they in?
  • What's the neighborhood like?
  • Why are you selling?

When finished walking through and getting answers to these questions, say: Thanks so much for having me over! I am certain you have received calls from other agents and I appreciate you making time to allow me to see your home. If I can get the price you want in the time frame you need, and eliminate all of the hassle by taking care of everything for you, would you consider listing with me this week?

Then BE STILL and let them answer. If they say yes, set the listing appointment. Call, mail, and follow up often until you get that yes. Even if they say they will continue to try on their own for now, follow up often. Not to solicit, just to offer value.

The key is always leading with being helpful, building rapport and staying consistent with following up to check on their progress. When they are overwhelmed with holding their own house open to strangers, fielding all the random inquiries, dealing with uneducated buyers coming to their home expecting a major deal and the carrying costs of their home still weighing them down — they will remember you and how helpful you are.

Happy FSBO Hunting 😀

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