Nurture, Educate, Engage

Nurture Educate Engage Your Prospects

Your email database is supremely important to you as an agent, but are you nurturing it enough? Are you staying top of mind with email campaigns and quality content? With Nestiny’s suite of easy tools, turn your prospects into educated, engaged clients with just a few clicks.

Co-branded website

Co-Branded Website

Supplement your personal website with a co-branded client experience. Just share your Agent URL in a text, email, or anywhere on the web to start engaging with prospects. They’ll see Nestiny with your name and profile picture at the top as they go through the Home Journey, so you’re only a click away. Clients that join Nestiny through your link or custom badge are exclusively linked to your Nestiny site.

Nestiny Badge

When you sign up, you’ll get a customized badge you can add to your personal website or blog. It’s the perfect way to show that you’re a Nestiny agent, and you’ll get insights on how many people have viewed your badge.

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Unprecedented Insights: The Ready Report

No other tool delivers the detailed insights you’ll get with the Ready Report. It summarizes the homebuyer’s suggested price ranges, home wishlist, and loan and credit information in one tidy report, so you get a backstage view into your sales pipeline. Know exactly when to engage by viewing their Ready Report right from your dashboard, giving you both an enormous headstart on the house-hunting process. Preview a full Ready Report .

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Nurture Emails

Nurture with drip campaigns

Don’t let your database wilt from neglect. It’s incredibly easy to keep yourself on clients’ minds with Nestiny-- just upload your database to Agent Amplify to launch auto-pilot email campaigns. We’ll send a series of relevant campaigns on your behalf with introductory topics from ‘How to Use Nestiny’ to ‘The Ten Commandments of Home Touring’ and ’Demystifying Real Estate Jargon.

Refresh your personal branding

When’s the last time your branding got an update? Agent Flair makes it easy. Browse our catalog for matching sets of flyers, rack cards, business cards, and door hangers that fit your personal style and ship right to your doorstep. Your Agent URL is printed at the bottom of each piece of Flair to drive traffic to your co-branded Nestiny website.

Nestiny Agent Flair
Nestiny Funiversity

Stand out with relevant content

You know your stuff, but you can’t be available 24/7 to answer your clients’ (often repetitive) questions. Funiversity makes it fun to learn about every step of the homebuying process. Chock full of articles, videos, and colorful content, Nestiny’s Funiversity is yours to share with your clients. Go there now .