Preparing your clients is easier than ever

Whether you prefer walking them through the consultation process in person or letting DIY-inclined buyers dive in at their own pace, Nestiny is available 24/7 to guide them. Your clients will learn what it takes to buy a home as they are guided through easy tools and fun games, and you’re there to nurture them when the time is right.

Journey Homeward

Gain insight into what is most important to your homebuyers with Journey Homeward, a step-by-step guide that asks all the questions you’d normally ask during your buyer consultation, like “When would you like to move into your new home?” and questions you might not ask right away, such as “How much money do you have saved for moving expenses?”

True Affordability Tool

Show your clients what they can truly afford so they can make informed decisions down the road. The True Affordability Tool prepares them through questions about their monthly expenses, savings, and income, saving you loads of time.

Unprecedented Insights: The Ready Report

No other tool delivers the detailed insights you’ll get with the Ready Report. It summarizes the homebuyer’s suggested price ranges, home wishlist, and loan and credit information in one tidy report that’s easy to print and share. You can view their Ready Report right from your dashboard, giving you both an enormous headstart on the house-hunting process. Preview a full Ready Report .

Home Pinwheel

Most people have opinions about architecture and style, but many don’t know how to recognize a Colonial or Cape Cod house. Introduce your clients to the Home Pinwheel, a colorful game puts a name to their favorite home styles. Save time on future home showings (and have fun too!). Try it out for yourself .


You know your stuff, but you can’t be available 24/7 to answer your clients’ (often repetitive) questions. Funiversity makes it fun to learn about every step of the homebuying process. Chock full of articles, videos, and colorful content, Nestiny’s Funiversity is yours to share with your clients. Go there now .